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Motivational Speakers: You Get What You Pay For!

Some of the best money you’ll ever spend on your company employees is hiring a motivational speaker to present at an event. I always cringe when I hear somebody tell me that they are going to start a business venture without hiring any outside experts…they’re going to do it themselves…ugh! My motto is, ‘you get what you pay for!’

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of starting a business on a conservative budget, and I’m in favor of starting small and growing your business. Where entrepreneurs get into trouble is when they think they can be the lawyer, the accountant, the manager, the visionary, and the motivator for their employees. Most people have strengths and weaknesses. Most people are specialists, not generalists. In other words, they are good at some things, but not everything. The same is true in business.

I’ve gone on the record many times, telling you that many entrepreneurs make lousy managers. I have also told you that it’s best if the ‘boss’ relies on the ‘go theory’ and leaves the office and the ‘day to day’ operations to those trained professionals to do those very things. I have also told you how much I benefitted from hiring a business coach.

So, hear me out when I tell you that some of the best money you will ever spend on your team is to hire a motivational speaker to present at an event. Compare my experience with the business coach to your decision about whether to hire a motivational speaker for your employees. The beauty of hiring the business coach was that she was able to:

  • look at my business as an interested, yet detached professional
  • ask me the tough questions
  • assess me and my team and guide me in my decisions
  • help me refine my big picture vision
  • assist me in developing a one, three, and five year plan
  • guide me in breaking down the larger goals into action steps
  • articulate my overall plan and goals so that I could communicate them effectively to my team.

The end result? I was able to inspire my team to achieve far more than I would have been able to accomplish through them, without her expertise and wisdom. So, what’s stopping you? As a business coach and a motivational speaker, I can instill greatness into your team by using many of the techniques the business coach used with me. Try it…you’ll get what you pay for.