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Motivational Speakers: It’s All about Skipping Stones

Motivational speakers have the style and technique to inspire your corporate team.I get some of my greatest ideas down at the lake skipping stones. From a distance, it looks like I’m just wasting time…when I’m really working on my skills as a motivational speaker! If you’ve never skipped stones, let me tell you…it’s harder than it looks.

First, it’s important to select a quality stone. Not just any stone will do. It’s gotta fit your hand just right. It needs to be smooth, not jagged. It’s gotta be the right weight too; not too light, and not too heavy. Next, there is the technique. You gotta have the proper throw and follow through. I throw my stones side-arm. If you don’t have a decent technique, you here a resounding plunk, not the beautiful sound of water being skimmed. It’s an art, I tell you! I’ve spent many hours honing my skills.

You may be thinking…”Chris, I don’t give a rat’s ass about skimming stones. I need a motivational speaker, who can convey my corporate message to the masses.” To which I would respond, “What do you think I’m talking about here? Brother, let me break it down for you…it’s all about skipping stones.

You’re a visionary and a leader. You have a great concept and great goals for your company. But studies show, that you are not, unless you are Bill Gates, the best motivational speaker to deliver your message. You need a trained professional. A person trained in skipping stones. You see, someone like me, can deliver your message; both because I am a successful entrepreneur, and an outside expert. I have the business savvy and the communication skills which you have, but I don’t work for the company! Many times, employees want a fresh face, an unfamiliar voice of authority, to ‘sell’ your people on your vision and the ‘next steps’ in the grand plan.

The last thing you want to do is to have gone through the blood, sweat, and tears, of devising a great concept or plan…selecting the perfect rock, if you will, only to throw it out there across the sea of faces, which is your corporate team, to have it sink, with a resounding plunk. Ensure your success. Hire a professional rock skipper to glide your idea out there to your team, by way of a motivational speech. You pick the date...I’ll bring the rocks. I’ve got a wicked hook!