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A Motivational Speaker Prepares the Playing Field for Building a Strong Team

Accomplished leaders have a big picture blueprint, and they know that the best way to move their employees to embrace their vision is with the help of a motivational speaker. Let’s say you’re in the business of site grading. Your company prepares the land before anything is built there.  It involves knowing how to read the slope of the land, and the drainage and earth moving issues which need to be resolved, before a property can be developed.

So, let’s say I approach you to develop a parcel of land. You meet me to look at the property, and we both agree that the most significant issue facing you, on this project, is the need to move a tremendous amount of earth. “That’s understandable,” I say, “but, there’s a catch…” I tell you that instead of using your normal equipment…you can only use a serving spoon, to move the earth! Or, let’s say, that after listening to your reasoning, I relent and agree that you can use a beach sand bucket; nothing more!

I know what you are thinking, “Gee, Chris, you’re nuts!” And I would have to say, “You’re right!” Everybody knows that in order to work effectively and efficiently in business, you need to use the best tools and equipment available to do the job…you need an earth mover!

So, here it comes…wait for it…If you want your real life business colleagues to work effectively and efficiently, you need a super smart, super creative, super fun, motivational speaker! That’s right, not just any ole public speaker will do. A generic public speaker will only impact your people like a serving spoon. They may look all shiny and nice, but their impact is limited.

Likewise, a mediocre motivational speaker may be fun, like the sand bucket at the beach, they don’t have the ability to do the big job: to prepare your corporate playing field so that your team is ready to embrace your vision and build on it.

You see, what your company needs is a talented motivational speaker, a people mover. You need someone who is trained and skilled at reading the issues in your workplace environment, which may be hidden under the surface. You need a motivational speaker who will uncover the issues which could drain the life out of your vision. You need a motivational speaker who will connect with your team and share their personal business expertise in a riveting, moving, and inspiring way. You need a motivational speaker who has the long term effect of inspiring and cheering on your team, and who prepares them to carry out your big picture plans and achieve great heights.