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Motivational Speakers are People Movers

Motivational speakers have the skills and abilities to move your team forward to achieve great things. As you might imagine, I spend a fair amount of time in airports. When I have a layover, I like to watch others on their journeys. Some of them are burdened down with too much luggage, or they have small children in tow, or they are seniors, who are slowly and methodically heading toward their destination. Watching how people move interests me. I can’t help but see a similarity between persons moving through the airport, and moving, inspiring, and bringing about change in your team through my work as a motivational speaker.

There are all kinds of motivational speakers out there. Some of them, although nice people only have the effectiveness of passengers on foot, in the airport. These motivational speakers may motivate your team for a day, but they really have no long term impact on your employees.

Then there are the motivational speakers who have the effectiveness of one of those ‘beeping carts.’ You know the kind I’m talking about, where the airport employee is driving one or two people toward their terminal.  They have a slightly greater ability to move one or two people toward their destination, but in the overall scheme of things, they only make a small, short term impact.

What you really want, is a motivational speaker who will have an on-going, long term impact on your team, and keep them striving to move forward to meet corporate goals and challenges, and to achieve great things for the company. You want a people mover! You’ve seen these people movers at the airport. They are like flat escalators. They move a tremendous amount of people and their baggage along toward shuttles and terminals.

They allow people to move faster than they can on foot, in the direction they need to go, and they can handle a larger volume of people than the ‘beeping carts,’ which in my opinion also tend to be annoying!

So if you have a new message of change, or a new direction which you want to share with your team, or you want to motivate your employees to do great things and exceed corporate goal expectations, contact me to work with you and your company. As a motivational speaker, I am in the people moving business! I will inspire your people to move forward toward their destination.