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Motivation is the fuel not the destination

Motivation is the fuel not the destination

Article by Ray Adler

Motivation, motivation what is motivation! Several men and women feel they know what motivation is, but do they? A small investigation will show you that the dictionary definition of motivation is "the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired aim the reason for the action that which gives purpose and direction to behaviour". Ask folks to define motivation, extremely few will give such a concise response. This is since at some level, motivation is intrinsically involved with every single aspect of our lives. We have to have a particular level of motivation to accomplish anything from the simplest tasks such as acquiring out of bed or going shopping, through to life objectives such as having a successful career. However, most individuals see motivation, as portion of the destination rather than the fuel that is required to get us to reach our chosen destination.

Not understanding what motivation is usually leads to disappointment in life either on a spiritual or materialistic level. 1 of the most typical places where the lack of a clear definition of what motivation is occurs in the area of objective setting. We all know and realize the idea of setting goals and working towards them to attain what we want in life, but if you speak to any number of individuals about setting and achieving goals, they will tell you that their goals motivate them to achieve what they genuinely want out of life. This fundamental confusion over what motivation is frequently leads to individuals not achieving their objectives and full possible, in truth it typically leads to higher de-motivation, as right after every setback the belief in the goal becomes less robust leading to a perceived lower level of motivation to achieve the goal. It becomes a vicious circle. It is a scenario that many of us have faced and the difficulties that this kind of position brings. It takes a long time for us to realise that objectives and motivation are not the very same and we need to not treat them as such.

When you set your goals you are laying out the route and the destination you want to get to. When we are setting objectives we are telling ourselves what do we want in life and how are we going to get there. What actions do we need to take? A list of goals will usually permit us to move forward and give us a purpose in life, but they are not motivation in themselves.

Motivation is the fuel that inspires us to reach are objectives and desires and enables us to keep obtaining up and moving towards our goals whenever we have a setback. Getting motivated and staying motivated gives us the energy we require to reach our goals in the shortest time achievable. Motivation is required to meet our goals and objectives are required to give purpose to our motivation. The two function hand in hand. If you get the motivation proper you can attain anything. So believe seriously about how to get motivated and stay motivated so you can attain whatever you desire.

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