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Michael A. DeMayo, Charlotte NC Injury Law Book Author

Michael A. DeMayo, Charlotte NC Injury Law Book Author

Cindy Speaker: My guest today is North Carolina Individual Injury Atty. Michael A. DeMayo of the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo and he has just written a quite informative book on Carolina Injury Law.

So Michael, thanks for becoming here these days.

Michael DeMayo: Thank you for inviting me.

Cindy Speaker: Nicely, Michael, I have read your book and this is genuinely an indepth appear at Carolina Injury Law. Tell us what prompted you to do this simply because it is actually a quite massive undertaking.

Michael DeMayo: Well, it was a substantial undertaking Cindy. Myself and a number of attorneys, skilled personal injury attorneys across the country, collaborated on this book. And the thought was to give kind of a straightforward step-by-step answer, question and answer, example of what you can expect if you are involve in an automobile accident or individual injury. And in our certain instance in North or South Carolina, we discover that a lot of times, individuals either have the wrong info or they have a lot of insecurities or unanswered questions that cause them occasionally to make the wrong choice and/or no choice, which on occasion can be the wrong decision.

So we decided and I decided that I thought it may well be a useful resource if we could put together this book with basic concepts and fundamental information so that an individual even with out any kind of legal training or encounter could get type of a rudimentary understanding of kind of a baseline of what to expect if they're involve and injured in an accident.

Cindy Speaker: Okay. Can you give you us a couple of examples as to what is included in this book?

Michael DeMayo: Well, specifically, there are some ideas on what to do with the insurance organization or much more importantly, what not to do with the insurance organization. There is some examples as to how to get therapy, what to say and do with regard to the facts of the accident. It definitely tells you from a certain standpoint that your injury is naturally the most essential component of the case and obtaining the correct treatment and care is very crucial not only to your nicely being but ultimately to a profitable resolution of the case. Usually times, there are scenarios exactly where an individual is truly not hurt, they get checked out at the hospital and that's genuinely all they're going to require. They actually do not want an attorney but they could use this book as a reference. Even although we give this or we will be offering this book in a assortment of various ways, if the person is severely injured, not withstanding what I believe is a fairly comprehensive read on what they ought to do, I nonetheless give them the opinion that they do need an skilled personal injury attorney to support them acquire the greatest outcomes feasible.

Cindy Speaker: Okay. Now Michael, how can a person get a copy of your book?

Michael DeMayo: Nicely, the greatest way, Cindy, is to go to our site. You will be able to go to our site which is www.demayolaw, that is all 1 word, D-E-M-A-Y-O-L-A-W dot-com and you will be able to download a copy of the book. If you don't want to do that or you are not able to do that, the book is for sale. It can be bought at Amazon.com and alternatively, if you're either unable to print it off the internet or unable to pay for a copy at Amazon.com, we ask that folks make contact with our office directly and we'll be happy to provide them with a courtesy copy.

Cindy Speaker: Now, if someone is listening to this and they have been injured and have distinct questions, how can they reach your firm?

Michael DeMayo: Cindy, the very best way to contact our office is toll free anyplace in the United States and that is 1-877-333-1000 or they can go to our web site at www.demayolaw.com.

Cindy Speaker: Great info. Thank you, Michael.

Michael DeMayo: Thank you.

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