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Melissa Evans, a Self-Made Millionaire by Age 31, Authors New Book for Entrepreneurs

Toronto (PRWEB) November 5, 2009

Entrepreneurs who are struggling to launch, boost or develop a enterprise can find beneficial advice from "Full Circle," a soon-to-be-released book by Melissa Evans, MHA, PMP. A self-created millionaire by age 31, Evans is President and CEO of The Broshe Group, an international firm that specializes in business coaching, consulting and mentoring. She has poured her far more than 15 years of business expertise and expertise in a variety of industries into producing "Complete Circle" as the ultimate handbook for entrepreneurs.

"Complete Circle" is best for seasoned company owners who want to expand, improve or strengthen and an existing enterprise, as effectively as for those who are just beginning a new organization. It is loaded with material that can aid enterprise owners manage their employees, customers, and life--all with an even keel and balanced outlook.

"One of the toughest aspects of operating your personal business is being aware of when to ease back off the gas pedal and when to press forth," Evans said. "The initial years are always the most grueling, and 'Full Circle' does precisely what the title promises: brings you full circle by means of the method, so that you steer clear of burning your candle at both ends although taking benefit of possibilities you may well otherwise have missed."

Unlike other books of its kind, "Complete Circle" reminds entrepreneurs that their company really should be their passion and that passion, if genuine, will come across to their personnel and clientele. In effect, it reminds people of the power--and responsibility--they possess as organization owners. Complete Circle offers insights on some of the most typical issues company men and women face, from how to treat customers to the significance of marketing. It also addresses the following places:

Organization Startup and Your Responsibility Taking Charge of Your Troubles Figuring out the Value of Your Enterprise Avoiding Monetary Traps Make Your Company a Enterprise Make Your Enterprise About the Consumers Make Your Organization Your Passion, Not Your Job

Here's a short excerpt of the book: "To be an entrepreneur does not mean you are now a 1-man island. You are a boss now. You pay your staff handsomely, so make confident they do more than just be eye candy in the workplace! You have handpicked your talent and made them undergo each and every drug screening, proficiency test, and personality test identified to man, and they have shown their qualities. It is time to put these qualities to work. Far more often than not, when put to the task, they can do a greater job than you because they are far more educated in that specific location."

"Full Circle" is destined to be a quite timely book. During these hard economic occasions, according to Evans, not absolutely everyone has the courage to begin their own business. "Complete Circle" is developed to make it less complicated for entrepreneurs to succeed in their company goals. It speaks directly to all business owners, and it does so with candor and humor that makes for a very exciting and worthwhile read.

"Complete Circle," which is scheduled for release by December 2009, is accessible for pre-order at http://www.broshegroup.com. For a lot more information about the book or assist with beginning a new business, call 888-621-8785.

About Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans is a effective entrepreneur, master organization coach and dynamic speaker who has established herself as the Guru of Implementation (SM). She is passionate about helping motivated business individuals become a lot more efficient, profitable and productive while increasing their cost-free time and enjoyment of life. Her results-driven coaching and consulting has helped absolutely everyone from big corporations like Microsoft, Motorola and ESPN to tiny organization startups and folks accomplish their goals. In 2001, Evans founded The Broshe Group, which gives in-depth consultation and applications to clientele worldwide. The Broshe Group maintains two areas: Kennesaw, Ga., U.S.A. and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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