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Melissa Evans, a Self-Made Millionaire by 31, Writes Book on Employee Empowerment

Toronto (PRWEB) November five, 2009

Melissa Evans, a self-made millionaire by 31 and business guru, will soon be releasing a new eye-opening book on employee empowerment. The book, entitled "It really is Not Your Daddy's Retailer," is designed to help organization specialists navigate the challenges of employment, so they can reach their goals a lot more rapidly and very easily.

"It's Not Your Daddy's Retailer" is a compelling book that speaks to workers who want much more out of their job than a paycheck. "The book will support personnel manage their career by treating it like a company and by getting responsible for their career," says Evans. "It provides guidance on how to have a productive career that will enable you to be marketable and employed regardless of the economy."

Evans, MHA, PMP, is an achieved specialist with expertise in a selection of fields and much more than 15 years of company knowledge. She has held leadership and consulting positions with significant organizations such as Microsoft Corporation, Motorola, McKesson Corporation, ESPN and Books-A-Million. As President and CEO of The Broshe Group, Evans is passionate about helping motivated folks boost their business, careers and lives.

As such, she is excited to author a book to support executives, managers and other staff turn into more successful even though gaining more balance and enjoyment in life. "It's Not Your Daddy's Shop" will be an invaluable resource for workers who want to set goals in their career and life. "You will get a bare-knuckled outlook on what it takes to make an impression on your superiors and how to become one particular of them," Evans says. "This is not your daddy's store, and you have to function harder and far more efficiently than everybody else around you to succeed."

Perform--specifically networking--is a concept that Evans strongly promotes. In business, she says, you have to network, or you won't stand significantly of a opportunity climbing the ladder to good results. In "It is Not Your Daddy's Retailer," Evans supplies practical and poignant advice on how to network and preserve a balance in your work life. She also touches on how people can develop in their function as an employee--without offending their colleagues.

The book also covers vital concerns such as how to have compassion and understanding, knowing when to give credit when credit is due and how mentoring can supply a studying opportunity. Notable chapters consist of:

Never Take it Personally E-mail Etiquette The "I am Approachable" Perception Increase the Breadth of Your Life

"It is Not Your Daddy's Shop" presents extremely effective and timely material for staff wanting to enhance and excel. "In this economic climate, these that stand out will be rewarded," Evans says. "If you have passion for your work, then this book will set you apart. If you do not, it will assist you uncover it."

"It's Not Your Daddy's Shop" can be pre-ordered online at http://www.broshegroup.com. The book's official release date is slated for December 2009. For far more info about the book or the subject of employee empowerment,
call 888-621-8785.

About Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans is a productive organization owner, speaker and author. In 2001, she launched The Broshe Group, which provides business coaching, consulting and mentoring services to clientele worldwide. The Broshe Group maintains offices in Kennesaw, Ga., U.S.A. and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Evans is passionate about helping motivated enterprise men and women turn out to be far more powerful, lucrative and successful although rising their cost-free time and enjoyment in life. Her results-driven strategy has positioned her as the Guru of Implementation in the company arena. Evans holds a Master of Science degree in Health Care Policy and Administration from Mercer University's Stetson School of Enterprise and Economics in Atlanta. She is also certified as a Project Management Specialist and Career Coach.