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Marathon Motivation

Marathon Motivation

On Monday, May 25, 2009 I had the pleasure of watching my boyfriend cross the finish line for the LA Marathon. It was an amazing event. Minus of course some misdirection and rerouting - all in all it was a pretty smooth event. It was good and overcast all morning best weather for a marathon in Los Angeles. I cannot tell you what it is like to train for an event like this or even run it, well perhaps not but. What I can tell you is how motivating and inspiring it is just becoming there.

We stayed the night in a historic hotel downtown. I believe it may be haunted. That's a complete other story, but some other time. We had to remain considering that the race began at seven am. The wake up call was set for 5. Excited we sprang from bed turned on the news and got ready as quickly as achievable. (Plus I just wanted to get out of that hotel.) Parking was close and simple.

Next stop just a small a lot more coffee and off to the start off line. There was energy in the air you could nearly taste it. Or possibly that was the remnants of the poor coffee we made in the hotel. Folks had been bustling about early in the closed off streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Lastly, we hit the gate- only runners beyond this point. I give him a kiss and wish him luck. It will be about four hours just before I see him at the finish line. I head off to find my spot. This is where all the redirection and crowd dodging begins. It's straightforward to get caught up in the excitement. People are smiling and I can't help but smile too. Folks have signs cheering on friends and loved ones. There are individuals in costume. There are groups with t-shirts made just for this occasion. I make my way to the start or somewhere close to the starting line.

I nestle in under a tv camera up on a boom. The race begins and the enthusiasm is unleashed. Now I have a burst of energy. I choose it is time to uncover my spot at the finish line. I know the race just began but I am a short girl and I want to make my claim speedy. I have my own strategy to be able to see the finish and then make my way to the designated places to meet the runners. My marathon begins.

It takes me a little time to locate just the proper spot but I have a lot of that. Although I wait to see him cross the finish line I witness numerous remarkable finishes. Of course the winner who finished at two hours and eight minutes. Subsequent there was 1 of the wheel chair racers whose modified bike was apparently not working. A person towed his bike along side of him whilst he utilized his walker to cross the finish line. The crowd roared as he created his way cross the line. The closer he came the louder we got. It was extremely inspiring and touching.

Subsequent I saw a young boy, my guess he was 11, but he finished the marathon. I saw man carrying a drink tray like a server as well as a Spartan, or a man in a Spartan costume wrap up the race. Some people nonetheless had wonderful amounts of power to sprint to the finish in hopes to beat the runner next to them. Although others had been fueled by sheer determination like the man I saw crawling towards the finish. An additional runner came back to help the man up and total the marathon. I then saw my boyfriend cross the finish! Of course I was the loudest individual there for that moment. Then I was off to swoop him up and drive us home.

As we got to the auto we shared our inspiring moments from the perspective of runner and spectator. It was extraordinary. I was so glad that I was able to be there for him and witness such an incredible event as a marathon. I am certainly inspired. Not necessarily to run a marathon but to action without a doubt. The folks I witnessed crossing the finish gave me a glimpse of the endless possibilities in life. Now what I do with that is up to me.