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Make your own high quality photo books with Bonusprint

Make your own high quality photo books with Bonusprint

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Personalised photo books transfer digital photos into a printed photo book of treasured memories that can be distributed to any number of family members and friends.

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The digital revolution is making photographers of us all as we snap away on our mobile phones taking millions of digital images that will be deleted or lost in the coming months and years. The only sure way for your photos to survive is to visit a website such as Bonusprint , upload your digital photos and insert them into pre-designed templates to create your own personalised photo books online.


Most people keep their digital prints in packs but it is far more interesting and informative if the photos are inserted into photo books supported by captions detailing the names of the people, and the dates and locations of the photos.Photo book comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with hard or soft covers, bound with glue or spiral bound, and a wide choice with regard to page numbers.


A photo book created by you online which looks and feels like a professionally published book with pages containing a mix of your best digital photos in a hard copy version that will stand the test of time. The best photo books are the ones that you create personally. Top quality printing is only as good as the beautiful photos that you upload to your photo books online account and carefully crop to suit the spaces you select. It is great fun creating your own personalised photo books and when you receive the huge thanks and praise from lucky recipients you will want to ensure that all your favourite digital images are realised in the real world.


It is easy to believe that online photo albums are sufficiently safe to house your digital images. They are very good at allowing friends from around the world to view your latest escapades but if the server goes down, so do your digital images. If you want to create an online photo album then seriously consider creating your own photo books online and let future generations share in the pleasure of your life and photography in a hard copy format.


Time passes so swiftly, it is easy to forget happy moments, but not if you commit your digital snaps to a photo book. Inexpensive and easy to create, photo books online can be portrait or landscaped or square shaped, and in a variety of sizes. It is incredibly satisfying to see your work published in a book that looks like any professional photo book that you would find in the High Street. Facebook is fun for some digital images but your best photos should make it out of the digital domain and appear in a library of family memories. In years to come, long after passwords and Facebook are long forgotten, being able to pick your best photo books off your bookshelf for laughing and crying as you remember happy times, will give you the kind of joy that can be repeated over and over again every time you share photo book memories with a friend. A digital image is for now but a photo book is forever.

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