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Love And The Two Realms - Keynote/Motivational Speaker - (NNOS Studios of Ohio)

Love And The Two Realms - Keynote/Motivational Speaker - (NNOS Studios of Ohio)

There is a terrible discomfort that can be avoided by understanding that a couple of much more doors exist. There is a mystery about enjoy that I am going to attempt to shed some light on. By no implies is this an ultimate answer, but it does bring us a fraction of a percent closer.

It is time for us to cease calculating and take notice of the two realms we are continually interacting with. Regrettably, most do not really feel confident sufficient going beyond the common drift...the physical realm. This is an incredible limitation, and an absolute cause to some of our deepest pains and stresses and worries. The second is the spiritual realm. It is uncontained, unlimited, and embodies the items we feel inside. On the contrary, the physical is very limited, and is like a tiny container floating around within the spiritual realm.

The core of the spiritual realm is Love.

Two other forces in this realm are HOPE and FAITH. They are very powerful but the main force of really like transcends both hope and faith. Now it is extremely crucial to note that if really like transcends the forces in the spiritual realm, it infinitely transcends anything and every little thing in the physical...such as intellect.

We indirectly attempt to contain enjoy within the physical by putting statistics and measures on it, it is automatically reduced much lower than anything else in the spiritual realm, like hope and faith. At that point, even the prospective of love's effect is gone, not to mention the actual operation. This is where relationship problems are born.

The spiritual empowers the physical...not the other way about. For example: a hug doesn't give meaning to really like, but enjoy to a hug. Passion provides meaning to the action, not the other way about. Both of the spiritual and the physical realms are independent of each and every other, and can exist with no interaction. They are different entities. But the spiritual is expressed and converted into an understandable language, by blending with the physical.

Dennis Andrew
NNOS Studios Coaching Division

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