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Looking For a Motivational Speaker?

Seeking For a Motivational Speaker?

If you're looking for a motivational speaker, then you'll already know the rewards that an inspirational speech or session can bring to your workforce. 

Prior to you book a speaker to speak to your staff, what do you need to have to know?

1. Are they a celebrity or a motivational speaker?

There is a distinction among a celebrity speaker and a motivational speaker.  A celebrity speaker is most likely to be telling the story of their life, and how they overcame something, their career, and then how they became a celebrity.  This could be a Tv personality, or a former sports star, or somebody who has achieved something remarkable. Do not pick a person that you admire, just since you are in a position to be able to do so.  Bear in mind that you are deciding on somebody to help make your company a lot more productive, and boost morale.

A motivational speaker will be able to use their abilities and experiences in order to enthuse your staff and make them more efficient and productive.  They could not be a household name, but the audience should still be able to identify with them, and realize what they have achieved, and relate it to their own working life.

2. Can they prove they can motivate men and women?

Are there testimonials or case studies from existing clients? Will the speaker you pick ask for feedback, or follow up the event with questionnaires? Do they come and spend some time in your workplace and ask how issues have changed?  Are they able to provide any much more guidance and suggestions if issues haven't changed for the far better? 

3. Do they know their audience?

The motivational speaker may possibly have to change their style of speech depending on the audience.  A room of high level managers is diverse to a room full of secretaries or technical staff, or sales men and women, or production workers.  With a mixed audience of various abilities and experiences, if the talk is too detailed or technical, a lot of the audience may possibly be isolated, and so not benefit from it.

four. What have they achieved?

The motivational speaker you choose might be a household name, and isn't just going to tell you about their life story, but really inspire your workforce to do greater.  Alternatively, the speaker may possibly be totally unknown to the vast majority of your staff, but a brilliant motivational speaker and an inspiration to all staff.

5. Are you selecting the cheapest, the most expensive, or the most suitable?

You cannot book a motivational speaker based on cost.  You need to choose the appropriate 1 for your current company needs.  Needing help to motivate your staff soon after winning a massive contract will require a various style of speech than one to inspire staff who are not extremely productive, or who think they are not valued by the business.

Once you have chosen the right motivational speaker for your needs, you need to expect to offer them with the info they need to construct the personalised speech that is excellent for your company's needs.