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Looking Beyond Right now: Spiritual Insight from Rebecca Manley Pippert

Looking Beyond Today: Spiritual Insight from Rebecca Manley Pippert

"Who is Rebecca Manley Pippert?" I wondered, as I read a list of contributing writers for Beyond These days: Words of Wisdom for the Road Ahead. The book is packed with encouraging thoughts about God’s will and guidance, our purpose and priorities, biblical wisdom and spiritual discipline. It’s a blend of Scripture passages, quotations, and insight from far more than forty Christian writers.

I recognized numerous author names including John MacArthur, Adrian Rogers, John Piper, Tony Evans, Stephen Olford, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Os Guinness. I even discovered Lael Arrington’s name among the contributors. Lael is the wife of Jack Arrington, the former senior pastor at Tomball Bible Church. My family has been attending worship services there since we relocated to northwest Houston four months ago.

Some of the books' contributor names had been unknown to me, and Rebecca Pippert’s was 1 of them. So I turned to Google for a small on-line research. I learned that Pippert is an internationally recognized speaker and author. She is the founder of Salt Shaker Ministries, a teaching-training ministry in evangelism.

Pippert has been a speaker on many Moody Bible radio broadcasts as well as Janet Parshall’s America, and she has served on the advisory board of the Billy Graham Center. For two years, she also wrote a column for a Christian Korean magazine known as Salt and Light.

Pippert’s book, Out of the Salt Shaker, is a modern day classic. Christianity Today named it among the books that have most influenced Christian thought in the past fifty years. Somehow, in the course of my twenty years as a public library specialist, I missed that 1. I must keep in mind to look for a copy throughout my next trip to the bookstore.

My gift book edition of Beyond Today, which I’m employing for a devotional, quotes Pippert’s A Heart from God, yet another bestselling book on Christian faith and character. I initial read the passage two months ago, at a time when I truly necessary Pippert's wise words:

"If there is an all-potent, loving God who is accomplishing his purposes behind the scenes, then we need to in no way appear at our present circumstances and conclude that what we see is all there is to reality. No matter what life looks like presently...[we] don’t have the last word. God has the last word, and it is a word of hope, peace, and victory to those who really like Him and who are walking in His will.

"But God’s purposes take time to work out. So what we want even though we wait for God’s answer are patience and courage that comes from robust faith—and an absolute, flat-out refusal to think that what we see is what we get...."

Thank you, Mrs. Pippert, for the reminder.

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