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Leming: Opponents of Mosque Are Using Fear to Divide

Murfreesboro, TN (PRWEB) June 21, 2010

Congressional candidate, U.S. Marine, and Iraq War combat veteran Ben Leming expressed his disappointment at some community leaders over the current opposition to a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro.

"Once once more, worry is our enemy, not law-abiding Americans who are exercising their Constitutional correct to worship freely from persecution. We ought to reject the loud and angry voices that manipulate and motivate individuals by means of worry. We are Americans, strong, brave, and proud. We do not worry those distinct from us. In America, we embrace them. Americans should not let worry dictate our actions or alternatives. We ought to show courage simply because that is an American value, not intolerance and hatred."

?What do we have to be afraid of? Throughout my deployments about the world, I have worked, trained, and broken bread with Muslims. I have recognized their households and communities. I have fought with them and for them, as I have for this country and my fellow citizens, several of whom are also Muslims. The men and women that want to develop a house of worship in Murfreesboro are not the enemy. Osama Bin Laden and his band of thugs and criminals are the enemy. During my fifteen years of service, I?ve studied and fought our enemies. I?m not about to quit now,? said Leming, who earned the Air Medal while flying helicopter combat missions below fire in Iraq.

?I see a lot of men and women quoting our Constitution these days, but only when it suits their agenda. You can?t have it both techniques. I think in the United States Constitution. I have fought and will continue to fight to uphold every single right guaranteed by it. This contains the proper to worship freely. Just since we may possibly not agree with someone?s religious views does not mean we get to choose no matter whether they can have a place of worship in the community. This is just un-American,? said Leming.

The Rutherford County Commission approved a proposed web site for a new Islamic mosque planned for Murfreesboro in May possibly. A single neighborhood leader in the community, Pastor Allen Jackson, stated ?We have a duty to investigate anyone below the banner of Islam.? He went on to mention American troops in his remarks.

?I fully repudiate those statements. He does not get to speak for me or most other members of the military. I anticipate more from a man who ought to be teaching the message of tolerance, forgiveness, and adore.? said Leming. "I support those leaders who voted to uphold our American values and rights. Undertaking the appropriate factor, even if it is unpopular, takes courage."

Murfreesboro native Ben Leming is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Oakland High School. On Could 1st, he finished 15 years of active duty service to the nation in the Marine Corps and is now a captain in the Marine Corps Reserves. He is a Democrat running for the seat getting vacated by retiring Congressman Bart Gordon in Tennessee?s 6th Congressional District.


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