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Leading Exercise Scientist and Author Craig Harper Reveals Healthy Foods That Aren't (Healthy)

Melbourne, VIC (PRWEB) October 7, 2008

As research suggests, Australia is quickly becoming one of the fattest nations in the world. According to Craig Harper (B.Ex.Sci), motivational speaker and author, "we're nonetheless missing the point when it comes to producing permanent change in our lives and alter in a practical and efficient manner." It seems we're much more educated, more equipped and have much more resources than ever before but the reality is -- we're also fatter and unhappier than we've ever been.

A Good Story
When it comes to marketing and advertising and selling products, the food businesses have never let the details get in the way of a very good story. A lot of the information identified on the front of food packaging is not so considerably details, as it is a somewhat misleading and deceptive sales pitch. For example, the decreased-fat peanut butter located on supermarket shelves has much less fat when compared to the typical product, but it is by no means a low-fat item. It's nonetheless a high-fat, high-salt, high-calorie item that really should be avoided. It is nonetheless complete crap. Total crap with slightly much less fat than it's full-fat brother. So rather of having 52 grams of fat per 100 grams, the new decreased-fat selection has about 43 grams of fat per 100 grams (and a little extra sugar). Amazingly, some folks will truly eat twice as significantly of the decreased-fat version simply because it is healthier. Not.

Oh properly.

Too Considerably of a Good Factor
"Even foods which are genuinely healthy can lead to an unhealthy you and me if we consume too much of them. If we eat only wholesome fresh, whole foods but consistently consume twice what our body needs (in terms of our power requirements), we'll get fat," Harper says. "If we're fat, we're at higher health risk. Simple. Clearly, what sorts of food we eat is an issue, but for numerous of us, how a lot we eat is the biggest problem. Not only are we the sit-down generation but we are also the over-consuming generation. We have an amazing 'skill' for putting food in our mouth that our body does not require. Our want over-rides our need to have and the net result is ... obesity."

Here's a couple of typical food choices that trip plenty of people up:

1. Seeds and Nuts.
two. Fruit Juice.
3. Fruit Smoothies.
4. Dried fruit.
five. Muffins.
6. Salads.
7. Muesli bars.
8. Toasted muesli.
9. Sports drinks.
10. Protein bars.
11. Cereal.
12. Flavoured rice cakes.
13. Low-fat ice-cream.
14. Low-fat frozen dinners.
15. Vegetarian meals.

Maintain in thoughts that with a lot of wholesome products, we're getting a concept much more than a reality.

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Craig Harper (B.Ex.Sci) is Australia's leading motivational speaker (according to Google Australia).

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