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Leadership in Uncertain Times - Persistence

Leadership in Uncertain Times - Persistence

There is absolutely nothing that can replace persistence. "It is difficult to beat a individual who never provides up" - Babe Ruth. My friend, Mike Sleppin of New Jersey says: "persistence is having at least 1 millisecond more patience than your adversary or the issue needs." It's impossible to accomplish any meaningful goal with no persistence. It indicates you maintain going keep putting one foot in front of the other regardless of how you feel.

What drives 1 to persist when tired or disappointed? It's passion! It is a dream! It is a burning desire! It's a goal is so essential to you that you will persist to achieve it or die trying. The aim must turn into a "magnificent obsession." A persistence fueled by enjoy, passion and self-confidence.

Mike told me a story of persistence concerning his first wife. She had an incurable illness. Mike named the greatest oncologist physician in his county.

The receptionist said: "the physician is not taking any more patients." Mike went to the office, sat patiently in the waiting room for 3 hours to see the doctor. The physician came out and said "I'll give you 10 minutes." Soon after those ten minutes, Mike walked with the physician for 45 minutes. Finally, the physician agreed to take his wife as a patient. She lived an extra three to 4 years because of Mike's persistence.

What is your burning desire? What do you enjoy so much that you'll duplicate Mike's persistence? What story of persistence can you create to achieve your heart's desire? Pump up your persistence for the next 45 to 90 days. Those who persist and persevere in constructive activity are guaranteed victory!

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