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Leadership Coaches - What is Your Leadership Personality?

Leadership Coaches - What is Your Leadership Personality?

The diva:
Your traits: You work tough, play difficult. You're use to winning and excelling at everything.

Be mindful of: Obtaining too confident and minimizing the challenges or prospective downfalls.

The plodder:
Your traits: 55 mph, minimal risk and reward, you don't want to rush into anything, cautious, and desires reinforcement of the direction taken.

Be mindful of: Your actions may possibly be too slow for the genuine perform horses of your organization. Be watchful that your slow response rate really isn't signally taking no action at all. Getting slow to respond has a cost implication and can be a important frustration for your staff.

The father knows best:
Your traits: You have learned from trial and error, you're confident your way works because you remember the lessons of the past when it did not perform. You are efficient and efficient but a tad bid stubborn.

Be mindful of: You may be appropriate 95% of the time, but stay open to concepts and discussions of your team.

If you're acquiring defensive during discussion, could it be you just want it to be your way?

The futurist:
Your traits: Thoughts are geared to many innings out in the game, the skills set required to play in that arena, preparation required to seize future opportunity.

Be mindful of: Even though the future is clear to you others might need to have far more data to get inspired by it. Be thoughtful when you engage and listen to their concerns. Bear in mind you don't row the boat by oneself.

Our leadership styles can be adjusted. Key is knowing when to adjust and adapt to produce the ideal outcome.

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