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Leaders And Leadership

Leaders And Leadership

Theory ought to have come ahead, but some leaders have traveled a diverse route - and skilled lots of errors in the trials where they become the guinea pig. From this comes a distilled understanding of the spirit behind the words every single time somebody comes across lessons in leadership. Then one realizes the truth that you only find out from your mistakes, and seldom from your successes.

Now, let's speak about leadership from the vantage points of theory and practice.

The Supervisor's Job

Is to accept and project a management viewpoint that entails a responsibility for outcomes that are accomplished primarily via the efforts of other people.

Let's dissect this phrase to get into the actual action.

As soon as you turn out to be a supervisor, you entered into a dimension of "no return," through a door exactly where there is only 1 door- knob - at the point of entry. Passing through that door, you will soon realize that the only way henceforth is up and forward - your way back is permanently closed.

When a supervisor, often a supervisor!

At times, one is tempted to go back and apply for a lower position (in another firm), one which is non-supervisory - only to be confronted by the harsh reality that one is locked-in with a unique padlock referred to as "overqualified."

You are doomed! But only if you feel you are!

Accepting reality, 1 begins to understand how to live in that new dimension by acquiring specific skills needed to survive in the management globe. Then you comprehend - you are no longer a "rank and file." Now you know that you have the main responsibility to "project a management viewpoint" as if it was your own. It entails understanding and acceptance of such viewpoint prior to you can genuinely project, and generate desired outcomes by way of the efforts of other people. This is the first important to successful supervision and great leadership.

Unless you can (accept, then project), you stay a rank and file wearing the clothes of a supervisor. If that's the case, you are not but a supervisor, but an overpaid rank and file.

Did you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Move forward and understand the lessons to grow to be an powerful supervisor. This is a in no way-ending approach, a lifelong endeavor every leader need to undertake.