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Kick Off The New Year With 24 Hours of Motivation

Kick Off The New Year With 24 Hours of Motivation

Article by Diana Barnum

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Kick Off The New Year With 24 Hours of Motivation

Twenty-four hours can position you on the path toreaching your goals, aspirations and purpose. And for a 24-hourperiod beginning on January 1, 2006, at 12:01 a.m., a dynamicand captivating individual achievement teleseminar will takeplace, cost-free to everyone across the nation, to assist callers ontheir 2006 journeys. Developed to reach thousands of lives andpossibly millions in 24 hours, the teleseminar capabilities some ofthe greatest motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, wealth authorities,fitness trainers, youth leaders, spiritual leaders and speakersacross the nation.

"This is the ideal event for anybody who's ever asked "how canI get more out of life?" said Keynote Speaker Gregory Scott Reid,AKA The Millionaire Mentor.

One of the speakers in the course of the 24-hour event, Reid hosts a showeach week on KKNW 1150 AM (Seattle) on Positive Choice TalkRadio. He shares with his listeners how to make a PositiveImpact on the way they live their lives.

Other speakers on the agenda incorporate Les Brown, motivationallegend who has changed the lives of millions of folks aroundthe globe, and Steven E., creator of the #1 greatest selling series,"Wake up...Live the Life you Adore."

"This is a Initial Annual 24-Hour Personal DevelopmentTeleseminar, with the unique approach of providing important solutionsto challenges that face individuals, households, communities, andbusinesses nowadays," said Wil Cason, founder of 24 HoursMotivation. Cason attributes many successes in his life toawesome motivational speakers and is hosting the telesminar toshow his appreciation and share beneficial tips with others.

Throughout the event, a new speaker, with high power, passion and awealth of encounter, will share tools and strategies everyhour. Discussions will concentrate on achieving success in all areasof life such as: relationships, motivation for life, moneystrategies, wellness, leadership, building efficient familyrelationships, and overcoming obstacles. So merely by callingin, listeners will knowledge the energy to expand their personalvision and receive the essential tools to make their vision areality.

How To Sign Up

To take benefit of this particular provide, visit:http://www.24hourmotivation.com. Total the short form toreceive the call in number and pass code via email the callline will stay open for 24- hours only beginning January 01,2006, Pacific Regular Time. A complete list of speakers alongwith future teleseminar sessions will be announced to those whosign up.

So start your New Year off with innovative, inspirational andtransforming calls. This brilliantly crafted idea of "24Hours of Private Development" is the pathway to good results. Adefinite 2006 Win-Win!

For more info and/or interviews, contact Wil Cason bycalling (510) 207- 1036. You can listen to Gregory Scott Reidright now at http://www.alwaysgood.com/radio.


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