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Keynote Speaking ? Hone your Skills Today

Keynote Speaking ? Hone your Skills Today

Keynote speaking has become quite important in today's corporate world; being a good public speaker can definitely help you and reward you positively in advancing your career. But before you set out to be a keynote speaker, it is important to equip you with the fine skills and competence that is required for speaking in public.

When most of us get our first opportunity to be a keynote speaker, it usually catches us off guard and we get very little time to prepare ourselves. Here are a few tips that can assist you in giving your first public speech. It is natural to compare yourself to other experienced speakers and get nervous and anxious in the process. ‘Will I be able to make a good presentation?' is a doubt that will nag us to no end. But understand that it is the skills, expertise and reputation that you have gained that has presented you with this invitation to keynote speaking.

Keynote speeches are slightly different from other presentations or speeches.

This one is usually given at the beginning of an event or program and helps to set the mood for the entire event. In a business or corporate set up, the keynote speaker becomes responsible for making a speech that will unify the audience and make them more aware of the organization's goals and interests and how to work towards achieving this.

In-depth knowledge about the event and the theme of the gathering is very crucial for any keynote speaker. Understand what is the purpose and long term interest of the company in organizing such an event and also the knowledge level of your audience regarding these issues. Any public speaker must be able to captivate the audience and keep them in their seats and the best way to do this is to make the right start.

The right beginning means a job half done.

When you are able to capture the interest of your audience in the first few sentences, then surely you will be able to make them listen to what you intend to say. You must also be aware of the issues and concerns surrounding the topic at hand and adopt a general view about the topic while speaking. Being heavily opinionated will not go down well with sections of the audience; instead speak from a general point of view and if you must, then seamlessly integrate your opinions in to your speech.

Also be aware of the other keynote speakers if any and what are the topics they intend to speak on before preparing your speech. No one is interested in listening to a boring, lengthy lecture so make sure that you make the speech interesting with anecdotes and positive humor that can lighten the audience before you approach the main topic. Also, keep your presentation as short and compact as possible instead of repeating the same points over and over again.

Above all, be confident and believe in what you say; this is the most important aspect of keynote speaking.