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Jason Ritchie Hockey Scholarship Foundation Hockey Arena Dedication Life is Energy – In Honor of Jason Ritchie

Tallahassee, FL (PRWEB) March five, 2011

Life is Energy – In Honor of Jason Ritchie

North Central Massachusetts honored Jason Ritchie, a young hockey athlete that died tragically in a 2009 auto accident, at the dedication at The Winchendon School ice arena, naming it the “Jason Ritchie ’05 Ice Arena.”

Jack Blair, mentioned, “This event reminds me that life is fragile, bad issues take place to great people, and something great can come out of the bad.”

Right after graduating from The Winchendon School Jason went on to college and continued his interest in hockey. As his parents, Bob and Donna, and his brother Jon, dealt with their grief they also sought to discover a way to honor Jason by helping other young men and ladies get a very good education and learn to play hockey, especially those who otherwise would be unable to do so.

Their commitment resulted in the formation of The Ritchie Hockey Foundation, which will offer economic assistance to youngsters who adore the sport, and need to have some assist with the hefty fees of both an education and of playing hockey.

The Ritchie family returned to Winchendon a year ago to name the boys’ house locker room in honor of their son. From that go to grew a bigger concept: why not name the complete ice arena for their son and develop a vision for all who play hockey there that a young alumnus’ interest in the sport combined with the really like and forward thinking of his family members, resulted in a partnership that will aid hundreds of youngsters, in his name, as the years march by.

This huge monetary commitment on the part of the Ritchie’s was celebrated along with the good that it will do when Craig Patrick, 1 of the coaches of the renowned Olympic Miracle on Ice team (when the U.S. defeated the Russians for Olympic Gold), came to speak at the dedication. Patrick is a Hall of Famer and coached and managed numerous NHL teams in his career.

Motivational speaker and entertainer Paul Cardall came from Utah to join in the dedication and to give encouragement and entertainment to those gathered to honor Jason.

The “sold out” event hosted visitors from around the country along with neighborhood members of the Winchendon’s Board of Selectmen, the school’s Board of Trustees, Representative Bastien, Senator Brewer, and so several other people came to share in the celebration.

“Long soon after all of us have passed away the name of Jason Ritchie will stand as a everyday reminder to those who pass by means of the front door of the ice arena that although life is fleeting, and usually all too short, the impact a individual can have on the future is unlimited. The Jason Ritchie ’05 Ice Arena will stand as a beacon to the life of a wonderful young man and the magnificent heart of his family members.”

Jason’s father, Bob Ritchie stressed, “Life is short and bad items do take place to good men and women, bit a short life can have an eternal message of faith and hope and be an inspiration to others. Negative points can be utilised to bring about an endless promise for the future when good folks just refuse to let fate vanquish them.”

ABOUT JRHSF: The Jason Ritchie Hockey Scholarship Foundation http://www.ritchiehockeyfoundation.org/ was established by the Ritchie family in memory of Jason Ritchie who was tragically killed in a auto accident in 2009. The Foundation’s mission is to give resources and mentoring to deserving youth who share in Jason’s drive and dedication. Funded exclusively by individual and corporate donations as effectively as grant funding from other services, the Foundation focuses on helping youngsters understand their dreams by offering them the tools needed to succeed. http://www.ritchiehockeyfoundation.org/howtogive.html

ABOUT WINCHENDON: The Winchendon School, a coeducational multicultural community, gives college-bound students of very good character and promise with the important study abilities and studying strategies that propel every student to attain academic success. Gifts given to The Winchendon School are tax deductable and may be earmarked to assistance a wide variety of areas, programs or initiatives. If you would like to participate in the “Challenge for the Second Century” or have concerns on accessible methods to make a gift, please get in touch with Patrick Tevlin, Director of Development at 978.297.1223 ext. 158 or ptevlin(at)winchendon(dot)org

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