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Janeene Lavelle Releases Self Title Debut Album, 11.09.10 on West Records

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 19, 2010

West Records recording artist Janeene Lavelle releases her extremely-anticipated debut album, Janeene Lavelle , which is gaining international attention and press.

?We are so excited about this album release and operating with Janeene on this project? Benson Duboir, Vice President of sales at West Records said. ? Janeene Lavelle, and the music on this album, is wonderful and it?s not a surprise this album is reaching international waters.?

Releasing nationwide on November 9th, 2010, The album features Lavelles?s lately released single, ?Enjoy Lifted Me,? which is presently impacting radio at Soft AC/Inspo stations nationwide.

?Love Lifted Me,? was performed by Janeene and written by Singer/Songwriter, Philip Thompson.

Janeene's Debut Album represents musical designs as diverse as her own influences?from soaring ballads like ?Love Lifted Me? and worshipful songs like ?I AM ?, to the R&B/funk vibe heard in songs like ?Everything? and ?You Are.? The Album is a cohesive project that speaks to the hearts of listeners, motivating them to be the change that they want to see in their globe, challenging every single of us to start off a love revolution.

Janeene is supporting her debut album release with a mini tour named, Janeene Unplugged.

To uncover the the nearest concert date in your region, check out janeene's internet site at http://www.janeenelavelle.com or Westrecords.com