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It’s Time for me to Weigh In With You…

Summer is a great time to weigh in on the benefits of a heavyweight keynote speaker. Is it just me…or is there an unusually high emphasis on ‘weight’ in the summer months? It seems like every time I turn around, people are talking about weight. First, there is the weight of the jockey at the derby, the weight of the finalists on the Biggest Loser, the weight of the evidence at the Casey Anthony trial in Florida, and all of those weight loss infomercials on TV. We are preoccupied with weight in the summer!

So, I decided it was time for me to weigh in on the benefits of a heavyweight keynote speaker. What better way to invigorate and empower your workplace team than to host an event featuring a professional keynote speaker? Let’s face it. During the summer, the tendency is for your staff to spend more time on vacation, recovering from vacation, or talking about their upcoming vacation, than focused on work. Am I right?

Now wait! Don’t get me wrong. I’m the vacation guy, the guy who works fewer hours a week, and makes more money, than you ever dreamed. I am in favor of vacation. So, if your team is focused on vacations…why not give them what they want? Allow me to come in and talk about the value of vacations, refreshment, and renewal. Let me talk about the importance of balancing work and play. I love to speak on these topics, and it will energize and invigorate your team.