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Is Your Team’s Corporate View Distorted? Get Clarity with an Inspirational Speaker.

An inspirational speaker has a ‘rags to riches’ story to share with your team to help them get clarity on how they can succeed in your workplace environment. Have you ever stopped to think about how many different types of mirrors there are? There are car side mirrors where “some objects are closer than they appear,” there are solar mirrors, which are eco-friendly energy devices, and there are kaleidoscope mirrors which provide those cool color patterns.

My favorite mirrors are funhouse mirrors! If you’ve ever gone to the funhouse at the fair, as you walk past different mirrors, your appearance is distorted. The same is true of the new iPad app which lets you use your iPad camera to take pictures of yourself or your friends. Depending on the selection you make, you can alter the photographic images, to look like a funhouse freak or an extraterrestrial. It’s tons of fun!

Unfortunately, your corporate team’s view can become distorted too. They may have a skewed view of the project before them, or they may have lost their sense of the corporate vision. So what can you do to give them a clear picture of the company future? Hire an inspirational speaker.

An inspirational speaker will:

  • Provide a dialog and a framework for identifying corporate priorities
  • Give your team a clear picture of the short and long term corporate goals
  • Help your team get a renewed perspective of corporate expectations, and;
  • Energize your team to identify and bring into focus the skills and talents needed to complete team tasks

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