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Inspiring Success Stories to Help People Go the Extra Mile

Marina Del Rey, CA (Vocus) September 14, 2010

Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose (published by Goldmind Press) is the empowering story of one man?s quest to remind individuals that great issues happen in life when we go the added mile. To symbolize the power of the ?go the additional mile? message, Shawn Anderson produced the Additional Mile America Tour and pedaled a bicycle from San Francisco to Boston?solo. Stopping in 21 significant cities across the country, he interviewed over 200 inspirational Americans who had demonstrated a remarkable potential to go the extra mile, overcome private setback and achieve something extraordinary.

Anderson?s 5th book, Added Mile America recounts the stories of several of the inspirational people he interviewed as he crossed the nation. A handful of of the individuals highlighted in the new book include a blind woman who climbed one of the world?s tallest mountains?a tri-athlete who was born a congenital amputee?a 95-year-old who has been volunteering at the very same hospital for 49 years?a wife who started an organization to support violent teens following her husband was killed by a 14-year-old?a race-automobile-driving enterprise executive who has fought by way of breast cancer twice?a corporate executive who offers away 82% of his organization?s profits?and a woman whose high school son died suddenly and is now a top spokesperson for organ donation.

?I wanted to interview folks who had seasoned walking life?s hot coals?and who had come across to the other side determined to make a actual life difference.? Some of the 200+ people Anderson interviewed had been fired. Other individuals had skilled severe wellness challenges or relationship heartbreaks. Nevertheless other individuals had lost a individual extremely close to them. Anderson explains, ?But in spite of their challenges, they all came out stronger?and every with a far more determined method to making a distinction with their individual life.? Anderson spent time with people who had overcome tragedy and but designed a thing fantastic. He spent time with other individuals who built extraordinary organizations based on their passion alone.

?Instances are difficult for several folks?no doubt. But I want to give folks an option to just throwing their arms in the air and saying ?I give up,?? Anderson says. ?They can dig deep?go the extra mile?and impact practically every single region of their life in a positive way. I want to show men and women that each of us nonetheless has the ability to control our own destiny.? He continues, ?We just have to don't forget that basic law of accomplishment: If you want much more in life?you have to go the additional mile.? Anderson concludes, ?Life will just occur to us if we let it?but if we take purposeful action?positive momentum builds and alter takes location. That?s what Additional Mile America is about.?

The 1st Lady of Delaware, Carla Markel, met Anderson as he pedaled through her state. She had this to say about his new book, ?Shawn's Extra Mile America provides every of us the chance for rejuvenation and inspiration to get involved and make a distinction." Moreover, Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento and former NBA All-Star adds, ?Shawn encourages all of us to ?go the extra mile? and put ourselves in the game.?

With a life mission of empowering 1 million people to reside a much more passionate and purposeful existence, Anderson sincerely cares about helping other individuals win in life. He started his career motivating people by first motivating himself. Soon soon after graduating from University of California @ Berkeley and with only $ 300 dollars to his name, Anderson located himself working the graveyard shift at a 7-11 convenience store. Whilst there, nevertheless, Anderson designed a success accountability program that would change his life. Years later, Anderson shared his achievement method, S.O.A.R. (Seeing, Organizing, Acting, and Rejecting), in his book, SOAR to the Top rated! which has sold over 45,000 copies. In addition, Anderson reaches an international audience by way of the M.A.P. to Achievement Circle!, a free motivational newsletter that encourages individuals to take action on their dreams and to make them a reality.

Anderson concludes: ?The stories in the book have the power to inspire your spirit, challenge you to re-evaluate your personal life setbacks, and motivate you to take a deep breath of courage in order to get back on your personal metaphorical bike with a renewed passion and objective.?

Shawn Anderson is obtainable for motivational speaking, corporate training, and person accomplishment coaching.

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