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Inspirational Leadership On The Links

Inspirational Leadership On The Links

U.S. Women's Open Showed The Payoff For Challenging Perform

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Last Saturday, since we're privileged to live nearby (and considering that my enterprise provides me the flexibility to do such points), we were part of the throng of men and women who turned out at Colorado Springs' Broadmoor Resort to watch the U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship.

If you are a golfer, even (maybe specially) if you're a guy, you should watch the pro females ply their craft... you'll discover a ton about how to strike the golf ball. And if you're a enterprise individual, or a leader looking for to increase your ability to inspire your people, you could take away excellent lessons in private responsibility and inspirational leadership from these females.

I play golf, and I'm enough of a fan to watch the tournaments on Television and to have attended numerous tournaments as a spectator.

Saturday I was reminded of why I adore to watch these ladies at function: they Work. That is not to say that their swings are overwrought, or that they swing too challenging. The reality is, you see them between rounds, early in the morning, all the time, operating on their game.

They're out there on the putting green. They are chipping endless shots out of the practice bunkers. They are on the driving range, swinging away. These girls seem to be living lives which are endless golf lessons, and they'll tell you they learn far more about the game every time they swing a club.

And that is why they know, inside a tight range, exactly where the ball's going to finish up when they set up for a shot in a tournament.

I believe about some of the twenty-some thing children I know who are these girls' age, and I attempt to picture those children performing that considerably function to get very good at some thing.

The reality is, the overwhelming majority will not do it. They'd be bored to tears. In fact, Harvard Company Review reported a new study that shows that fewer U.S. high schoolers than previously say they'd perform at all if they had plenty of dollars. But it's a basic reality that you have to do the boring stuff, more than and over, for days and weeks and years, to become wonderful at anything.

A current documentary about 1970s chess wonderful Bobby Fischer made the exact same point. They say the greats in any profession put in at least 10,000 hours learning and practicing their craft. I utilized to tell singers under my direction essentially the same thing: "As soon as you've gone more than this song 500 times, you will have it locked in, and you'll never forget it." And there is no shortcut.

Do you need to have talent? Sure. But we all have considerably higher talents than nearly all of us ever understand. I would argue that anyone who's interested sufficient in golf, or chess, or singing, or leadership to spend the 10,000 hours studying it... that individual has sufficient talent. We all know that the most talented competitor doesn't always win. That is why somebody invented the phrase "Heart of a Champion."

Individuals are inspired by greatness. But they're also inspired by the honest effort to accomplish it. Some of the most inspirational leaders I've ever identified were young, talented folks who hadn't put in anything close to 10,000 hours, but who had been clearly and visibly on their own personal program toward greatness.

If you are searching for the inspiration to turn into excellent, get out there and start off swinging. Start off on your 10,000 hours. Do the boring stuff. And when you pause to reflect, appear about and see if there are other people watching you, taking cues, and embarking on their own journey... thanks to the inspiration you have given them.

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