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How to Use Your Creativity

How to Use Your Creativity

Creative suggestions, creative writing, creative spirit, creative talent.   We use that adjective “creative” quite typically.  All of us are born with creativity.  Do you believe that?   Or do you believe that just some individuals were born with the gift of creative talent?  How several times have you stated about yourself, “I’m not quite creative.”

We differ in how we express our creativity but we are all creative.  If we have the capacity to visualize, to imagine, to daydream then we have creative capacity.

I read in Daily Word about a Communications Specialist named Kimberley Morrow.   She has a master’s degree in Germanic languages and a PhD in educational policy and leadership.   Her hobbies include knitting, playing the piano, herb gardening and creative writing.   She exists without visual images.  Kimberley Morrow is blind.   Becoming blind does not stop her from living a creative life.  She has what we all have....... imagination, curiosity, and the capacity to understand new things.

Our creative drive occasionally faces frustrations and obstacles.  I heard Steve Berry, a lawyer residing in Camden County, speak at a Kiwanis Club in south Georgia some years ago.  He had just written a very best selling novel, The Amber Room.  He got the notion about the book from watching the Discovery Channel. For five years, his agent submitted five various manuscripts to New York publishers, each one was rejected.   The manuscripts were rejected 85 times just before he located a company interested in publishing his 1st book.

What if he had stopped trying soon after the 1st rejection?  What if he had stopped attempting right after his eighty fifth rejection?  Mr. Berry did some thing that we all can do.  We can capture creative ideas from a variety of sources, we can learn from our mistakes, we can hold on to our creative dreams.    Mr. Berry has now published his seventh book.  See http://www.steveberry.org.

When you are a speaker, you need creative tips to achieve the objectives of your speeches. When you are employed in the workforce, you need to have creativity to balance function, leisure and loved ones. When you are a parent, you need creativity to raise your children, to get them to eat their vegetables and to outwit your teenagers.

I watched Dr. Ben Carson, heart surgeon from Baltimore, on a speak show numerous years ago.  He told a story about his mother’s creative parenting.  Ben was on the road to becoming a juvenile delinquent.  To get him off the streets his mother told him he had to read, write book reports and submit them to her. That was the turning point in his life.   He began performing properly in school. It was only when he became an adult that he discovered his mother was illiterate. 

How can we make great use of our inborn creativity? Very first, we require to keep dreaming, keep visualizing and keep imagining possibilities. Secondly, we need to have to let go of routine and open ourselves to new experiences, new challenges, new techniques of doing things. Finally, we want to be curious and ask: Why? What if? How can I do it differently”

Have a creative year!