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How to Use a Keynote Speaker to Blaze a New Corporate Path

You’re excited about the new path your corporation is taking...so why wouldn’t you consider hiring a keynote speaker to break the news to your employees? I will admit it; one of the most ‘heart healthy’ ways to stay in shape is hiking. Since I am not chained to a desk, and I work fewer hours than many of my corporate pals, I use hiking as a way to accomplish three things at once. I get a workout, take in fantastic views, and get a chance to THINK.

How about you? If you hike in the woods or the mountains regularly, you will have seen this. There’s usually a well beaten path…the trail everyone takes. It tends to be clear of brush and debris, and sometimes it’s flatter and easier to maneuver along.

Well, you’ve probably guessed that I’m a risk taker of sorts and I like challenges, so I often go ‘off roading’. I don’t take the path everyone else does. I blaze my own trail and chart my own path. Sometimes it’s harder initially, but if I clear a trail and return to it again, it becomes clearer and easier to maneuver along. And…it’s exciting because it’s not the same old tired path everyone else has gone along before.

The same is true of business. Many companies copy what ‘everyone else’ is doing. It’s safe, but it's b-o-r-i-n-g, and it can lull you to sleep until an innovative company comes along and wipes you off the face of the earth. You get lapped, cuz you were asleep at the wheel!

So, if your company has decided to take the bold step and blaze a new path, you’ve got to get your employees on board. You don’t want to be met with whining and resistance. So, what can you do?

Hire a keynote speaker to deliver your new direction message. It can be an in-house retreat, or special event kick off. Maybe it’s a dinner, or a ‘state of the corporation’ event. Regardless of the setting, a keynote speaker can energize your team as it sets out in a new direction. A keynote speaker can highlight past successes and inspire the team to dream the new dream, to become excited about the new direction.

A skilled keynote speaker can also address any fears, concerns, or reluctance your corporate team may be anticipating, and help them shift their focus so that they can effectively start down a new path, and blaze a new trail.