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How to stay motivated forever

How to stay motivated forever

Article by Iain Legg

Do you ever get blank stares when trying to explainyour dreams to friends and family members?

It's all to do with belief systems. Let me explain what I learned in Jim Francis's remarkable mind power investigation which is so apparent, yet many of us miss it...

Everyone's mind is a result of a lifetime of cumulativeinfluences and experiences. E.g if you have been told as achild that telepathy does not exist then you accept this subconsciously as a reality. This is your inherent belief about telepathy, not a reality... but you believe this to be accurate.

If someone was to demonstrate that telepathy actuallyexists, your subconscious can't accept it. When proof isoffered to a skeptic they basically block it from their mind.It is almost as if they skip to a different reality zone.

If you have tried to explain something new to a person andthey've developed a glazed appear in their eyes, if theirattention drifts off, this could properly be their mindblocking out your details.

Some people just are not as open minded as you.

Don't let disinterested or disbelieving friends and familystand in your way of following your dreams. Perhaps from theirperspective, productive men and women are just 'lucky'. It'sunlikely you'll change their belief program.

Let their skepticism motivate you to prove them wrong.

It can be a wonderful motivator. Or try this...

Believe about the most important Massive objective you've setyourself. Think about how you'd like to be really motivatedto reach it, and to be truly motivated to take action onthose smaller goals that will lead you there.

Now, feel back to a time in the past when you were reallymotivated. Think about how you took action on thatmotivation and did whatever it was you set out to do.

Run by means of that event and make the photos bigger,brighter and far more colourful. Feel what you felt and suckthat motivation into your body as if you were there now,performing it again for the very first time.

Make the emotions stronger and stronger, and maintain buildingup the feeling of taking action and successfully doing whatyou set out to do. Run the story via your mind severaltimes, each time developing the momentum.

Now, as your motivation builds up, rub the palm of yourdominant hand on your thigh. As you do so, think about evenmore occasions when you had been extremely motivated and increasethose sensations even further.

Maintain rubbing your thigh, and know that whenever you want tocall upon that highly motivated feeling, all you have to dois rub your thigh.

Lastly, although nonetheless rubbing your thigh, feel about yourmost crucial Large aim and all of the smaller objectives youmust total to make it. Picture reaching them witheverything going nicely, reaching that big aim right on yourdeadline.

Can you see what we're doing here? We are taking yourmotivation - which you clearly have - and adding it firstto the motion of rubbing your palm on your thigh, andsecondly adding that motivation to the believed processes ofreaching your most essential goal.

Now the excellent thing is that you can do that physical exercise forevery objective you set oneself. By imagining it all goingperfectly well and reaching every single goal on time, you'reincreasing your self-belief and obtaining your motivationflowing about your body.

And when you are very motivated and you take action onthat motivation then you're a lot a lot more most likely to reach yoursmaller goals which, in turn, breeds even much more motivation.

If it helps, do that physical exercise a couple of times. You'll soon feelincredibly motivated and, when your motivation begins tosubside, rub your palm on your thigh to begin bringing backall of those amazin*g motivational feelings!

And if at any point in the future you discover yourrub-your-thigh motivational trigger subsiding, basically dothe entire exercise once more.

Nonetheless struggling to stay motivated? Here's how I keep going...

My greatest motivation is fear. It's not the fearof NOT achieving my dreams that scares me, it's imagininga life where I knew my dreams were feasible but giving up on them. That is whats scares me the most.

That is what drives me on.

Numerous individuals live a life exactly where their dreams died along withtheir childhood. What was when a life filled with unlimitedpossibilities, has now turn into a life of boredom andmediocrity. By reading this post I know you'redifferent.

You've opened your eyes and your mind. You have discoveredyour potential.

You can now select a life of purpose and passion... or a lifefilled with regrets.

Is not that motivation enough?