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How to Select the Best Motivational Speaker for your Event

You’re in the process of finding a motivational speaker for your corporate event…now that you have researched the options, how do you make your actual selection? Remember the children’s game you may have been taught when you were trying to make a choice, it goes like this…eenie, meanie, miny, mo…catch a piggy, by its toe? Let me be blunt… this is NOT the way to go about selecting the motivational speaker for your event!

You’ve got too much on the line. Your corporate group needs a professional, who is an expert in their field, who knows their topic content better than anyone else. You want someone who has the credentials or the real life experience to educate, entertain, and motivate your audience to take action, to move forward, to go where no man has gone before…got it? Good.

Let’s recap. You have determined your audience, topic, speaker credentials, and budget. Then you moved forward to identify, through your research, several motivational speaker candidates. Now it’s time to narrow the field down to one.

Your next step is to start the selection process. How do you ultimately select the motivational speaker for your event? You will ideally want to do as many of the following as time will permit:

  • Check their references, what groups have they presented to in the past, what topics do they speak about, what are their speaking areas of expertise, are they published?
  • Determine who has given your motivational speaker a testimonial? What did the guys at the rubber chicken banquet say about the speaker’s overall presentation and content? Would they consider using this speaker again?
  • Does your speaker candidate have a Video/audio that you can watch or listen to---do they have a demo of a live performance?
  • What does the motivational speaker’s bio say about their credentials, work, and their life experience?
  • What are the motivational speaker’s fees, costs and is it within your budget?
  • Is your motivational speaker available for the dates you need them?
  • Where are they located and how far will they travel because this fact alone may narrow down your options.

So the clock is down to the final two seconds. You’ve got to make the choice, take the shot, or lose the game. There will be no second chances and no ‘do-overs’. So, who is it gonna be? Go with the sure thing…the best motivational speaker for your event, Call me at 1-888-SPEAKER.