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How to Promote Your Keynote Speaker

How to Promote Your Keynote Speaker

Here are some tips from the National Speakers Association (NSA) on how to promote your keynote speaker:


Tantalizing Titles

Get off to a powerful start off by assuring the session has a catchy title, advises Certified Speaking Skilled (CSP) Chris Clarke-Epstein. "Begin with a short, spiffy and clever title followed by a subtitle that explains the benefit of the session."

Productive brochures contain titles that capture attention but also immediately answer the question, "so what?" The subtitle ought to include phrases such as "how to," "10 suggestions," "master five actions," and so on.

Most importantly, make positive the session matches the description. "Hold speakers responsible for delivering what they promise," says Clarke-Epstein.


Function Your Internet Web site and Generate a Buzz with E-Mail

Familiarity breeds attendance, and your association's Web site is a great tool to introduce your expert speaker to your potential audience. NSA member Jeff Blackman, JD, CSP, provides the following suggestions to assist you make the most your association's technologies.

Post a detailed description of the session and the expert speaker on your internet site. Photos of the speaker in action are a excellent addition. You can also ask your keynote speaker to offer you with audio or video excerpts from a previous presentation to promote the program before the event. Be positive to supply your members with a link from your site to the keynote speaker's Web web site. "Members can learn much more about the speaker or obtain additional content before and following the program."

When your event is over, Blackman also suggests posting audio or video excerpts from the session to reinforce the program's crucial points and educate members who were unable to attend.

If your association has an on the internet book or tape store, feature your keynote speaker's materials prior to thepresentation. If you have a chat room or bulletin board, think about slating some time for your members to chat with your presenter. A professional speaker will use this chance to get to know your member's concerns and questions and will customize his or her speech accordingly. Your members will appreciate the opportunity to understand and participate.

E-mail is another effortless and inexpensive way to promote your event and your keynote speaker. Use it to remind your members to register. Send them links to information and on the web registration forms. Create a pre-program buzz by sending an e-mail questionnaire to your members. The responses should go to the keynote speaker, who can reveal the findings throughout the presentation. Add a private touch by having the presenter send a "welcome" message to each and every of your attendees.


Word of Mouth

1 of the best ways to promote your keynote speaker is to get other members talking about them, according to expert speaker and former Olympian Vincent Poscente. Uncover out exactly where your keynote speaker is going to be presenting between the time when you employ them and when they will be presenting for your group. Invite members of your board of directors or event committee to see the presentation when your speaker is in their city.

Think about getting the keynote speaker address your chapters. Often, a expert speaker will negotiate fees when you book them for a quantity of presentations. Chapter newsletter editors frequently need further material for their newsletters, so appear into submitting an post on or from your presenter. Send them flyers to distribute at nearby meetings. Chapters are frequently the heart of an association, so do not overlook their prospective to spread the word about your presenter.


The Write Stuff

Chances are your presenter has written several articles on the subject at hand. You can also ask the keynote speaker to craft a customized postfor your group or have a member of your staff conduct an interview. Not only do these articles make a great addition to your association's publication they might also be a great fit for the publications of other market-related associations you are building relationships with. Provide links to the articles on your Internet site as nicely. This builds the keynote speaker's credibility and delivers value-added data for your members.

If your keynote speaker is published, use the skilled speaker's book to construct excitement for the presentation. You can give attendees the book when they register. For added panache, have a book waiting to greet members in their hotel room along with a welcome letter from your president. "Books can even be personalized…depending on the size of the group," says Blackman.


The Party's Over Expert speakers know that a program is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. They will frequently provide to send an e-mail to attendees with some value-added links to additional information. Your members ought to be able to benefit from the presentation lengthy following it is over, and your association need to continue to gain exposure as well. Look for anecdotes from your members about how they were touched or motivated by the session. How do they program to implement what they have learned? Choose the greatest pictures and combine them with right after-the-event news releases for ongoing exposure.