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How to Make Dough with Your Guest Speaker

The amount of dough your business makes can be increased with the help of a professional guest speaker. You may not have thought about it this way, but as the leader in your company or small business; you are responsible for putting together the ingredients necessary to make a recipe for success. You are in the business of making dough. If you are not a master pastry chef, maybe it’s time to invite a guest speaker, or a master baker if you will, to your organization to help you make a lot of dough.

A guest speaker identifies the ingredients needed for team success.

Your team needs to collect the right ingredients, which may include a corporate vision, a great product or service, a business plan, and a marketing strategy.

A guest speaker knows how to combine the ingredients and determine if your team is missing any key ingredients.

All bakers know that in order to make dough, the baker has to know how to properly combine the ingredients. The baker usually also has a secret ingredient which causes the customer to want to spend their dough on your dough, instead of the competition.

A guest speaker understands the corporate vision and helps the team embrace it.

Bakers understand that in order to make dough, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty. Once the ingredients are combined, the dough has to be kneaded. Kneading the dough involves knowing how to train, mentor, brainstorm, and problem solve, with team members so that they can work together as an efficient team. Great bakers and leaders know that once the dough is kneaded, the dough needs to sit until it has a chance to rise. Employees rise to the occasion when they are bonded together and trust their leader.

A guest speaker encourages and motivates your team to rise up to their fullest potential to achieve great things.

One thing that professional bakers know, that novices do not, is that once the dough rises, the baker must again knead the dough…and then an incredible phenomenon occurs, the dough rises again…even higher than the first time. A talented, experienced guest speaker encourages and motivates your team to ‘rise’ up to realize the teams’ full potential and to identify ways to surpass their previous goals to achieve new levels of success.