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How to Keep Your Top Performers?

How to Keep Your Top Performers?

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A study conducted by BSI in 2010 led to corporate leaders is the third biggest concern these days as "very high retention of artists" exposed. We often question if they will live when they left, or what will make them leave. In reality, their top workers they already have concluded to stay or to go! Believe it. Be already know why, and what will have to leave them. People already know who will move, when reason can and do have a change of heart would be. As a leader in your case you thinking what they are thinking you will get nowhere fast.

You know things they have any ideas? If you are not, it will be your loss! Perhaps it's too late to hold onto some high performers - not the case for others. Information is power and you better act soon.

Here is a fairly simple tip: you need to get the information you will want to hold your top artists ... But what kind of information are we talking about? First, stop.

Instructions 1

About which high performers ready to jump ship will be and why, and who will decide to stay and why - to stop jumping the gun. This is risky business thinking you all figured out.


Their own needs and trends on your high performance - stop projecting. For example, if you leave extra money, others will be presenting was thinking. You may want to know your options, and before you leave is the right thing, you believe that others will act the same way are presented by.


Helpless to stop acting - getting to be high performers in the subject. It is true that because they are getting left high performance do not deserve their performance, but money is not always the reason. They say this, but being truthful on the way out the door serves no purpose to their angle.


Find important work that is on their minds. It can only be done by building relationships, creating trust, and it is painless and safe for them to tell you what's going on is for.

Tips & Warnings

Do these behaviours describe you? Then you're way ahead of their counterparts. After all, the lead executive and leadership training or coaching, leadership consulting, MBA program, and the lessons from the school of hard knocks.

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