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How to Find the Perfect Motivational Speaker for your Event

You have been given the task of finding the perfect motivational speaker for your corporate event…where do you begin? These days with all of the endless possibilities, it can be overwhelming when you start to think about finding a motivational speaker who will be a perfect match for you event. Yesterday we discussed identifying your audience, topic, the credentials of potential motivational speakers, and your budget. So today let’s devise a strategy for finding the perfect motivational speaker for your event.

It’s all about doing basic research. At this point, you aren’t ready to make phone calls or direct contact with potential motivational speakers because you don’t know WHO is out there. So, bear with me, don’t jump the gun, or you will settle for second best. Remember, your very job may depend on making the right choice.

Your research should include finding out who is ‘hot’ according to:

  • Professional speaker lists or groups
  • Speaker’s bureaus in professional organizations with whom your company is an affiliate; like the American Bar Association, or SHRM, AMA
  • Toastmasters, and Chamber of Commerce organizations which can provide leads for motivational speakers if your event is out of town, but you want a locally based presenter
  • Writers and Authors with current books written on your preferred topics
  • Google and other search engine research for motivational speakers
  • Motivational speakers you have heard about from industry conferences, and;
  • Word of mouth endorsements from persons who have heard this motivational speaker at other events

Last but not least, don’t overlook the obvious in you research. You have come to my website because I have a handsome face, and ‘I tell it like it is’. If you need a motivational speaker for your event of group, I’m just one call away at 1-888-SPEAKER. I will motivate your team.