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How to Be an Influential Speaker

How to Be an Influential Speaker

Article by Kevin Hensey

There isn't much difference between talking to just one person, to a small group, or to a wide audience. While you do have to talk a little louder with the latter, the kind of talk that usually goes on at a meeting does not deviate much, in essence, to the talk that goes on when you're at a party. Therefore, if you're asked to speak in front of a group, do not fret. Think of it as just having a conversation with one audience unit.

When you're speaking to a group, you are speaking with a purpose. That is, you want your listeners and viewers to think, feel, and respond by doing something. Thus, public speaking is a responsibility.

But, before you balk at the thought of being 'responsible' for something, realize that being an influential speaker does not really require the knowledge of rocket science. You don't have to memorize all the contents of the latest encyclopedia edition to hold influence over an audience.

What makes an influential and effective speaker?

- A good speaker has a sense of responsibility. Thus, he is careful with the things that come out of his mouth. He doesn't bite more than he can chew; nor is the information he is supposed to impart spread thin.

- A good speaker is enthusiastic and alive. He is aware that he is speaking to a group of people with diverse interests and moods. He catches the audience's attention by being himself, genuinely enthusiastic about the topic he is discussing.

- An influential speaker is one who keeps his head. He doesn