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How early can I take a pregnancy test? Accurate outcomes from at home pregnancy tests

How early can I take a pregnancy test? Accurate results from at residence pregnancy tests

Article by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.

Pregnancy Test Q &amp A: How early can I take a pregnancy test?Accurate results from at property pregnancy tests

By Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.

Could it be? When a woman thinks that she may be pregnant, the want to know is basically insatiable. Discovering out if she's prego can entirely consume her thoughts until she gets her answer. But what occurs when factors are not as basic as she believed it would be? That's when the quest for the true outcomes becomes a lot more intense.

1 of the most frequently asked questions about getting that life-altering "yes" or "no", is to know when is the earliest that somebody can take and get fairly accurate results from a pregnancy test. While a lot of pregnancy test organizations will tell you that their test can let you know as early as the really next day right after your period doesn't show, those claims are fairly much not 100% accurate. Most pregnancy tests can not accurately or consistently detect pregnancy that early.

To get the most accurate outcomes, it is greatest to wait about a week later. So, if you missed your period on Wednesday, you might not want to take that early pregnancy test until the following Wednesday or Thursday. That is when the test will be far more reliably able to evaluate the hormone that is the basic indicator for pregnancy, human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG, that appears in your urine.

The reality is that hCG is not the same in every single woman at every point. Therefore, the levels that are present after just 1 day of a missed period could be so faint that they are not even detected at all. This is not a completely uncommon phenomenon. Actually, it's quite typical and can be quite unnerving for those that get a false answer. For some, their complete world could be turned topsy-turvy if the initial outcomes are less than favorable, regardless of whether positive or negative.

So, just before you run out and buy a pregnancy test at the initial sign of a missed period, relax. Wait about a week and then, take your test. Regardless of how the outcomes fair, chances are you will be able to really feel a lot more confident that you have a far more accurate answer.

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. has worked with thousands of girls experiencing unplanned pregnancies. She has written a number of books on adoption as a pregnancy choice, such as So I Was Thinking About Adoption. If you think you might be pregnant or have questions about pregnancy and adoption, please go to http://www.PregnancyHelpOnline.com. To find out far more about Ms. Caldwell as a speaker and author, visit http://www.MardieCaldwell.com.

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