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How an Inspirational Speaker Ignites the Positive Energy in Your Corporate Team

You can show you value your team with the help of an inspirational speaker.Do you remember the Charlie Brown Halloween special? He would go trick or treating with Lucy and the others for elaborate treats. Every so often, they would ask Charlie Brown what he got, and he would say again and again, “all I got was a rock.” Trick or treating was a negative experience for Charlie Brown.

You know what I’ve noticed? Society tends to put a negative spin on things these days too. Sensational television headlines 24/7 and Court TV give us a negative world view of fighting, infidelity, and scandals. Political pundits tear down everyone and mock valid opinions through negative spinning. It’s no wonder that our business environments and our company employees have become jaded and skeptical.

The negativity on television and in the news spills over into our workplace. Negativity impacts company morale. When levels of negativity reach a peak, it impacts work performance and attendance. Your employees are your company lifeblood…one way to show them you ‘get it’ is to reinvigorate them through the use of an inspirational speaker. An inspirational speaker can do great things for your invaluable team such as:

  • Deliver a message of hope for the future
  • Focus on the positive contributions of the company on the marketplace
  • Celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals
  • Inform the company of positive new corporate directions, products, and procedures
  • Uplift and motivate corporate teams to excel and achieve new goals

Studies have shown that employees respond more positively to the validation and affirmation of their performance than even receiving a monetary raise! Show your team that you value them, their opinions, and their positive energy by hiring an inspirational speaker to affirm them at your next gathering, special event, or conference.