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How a Keynote Speaker Can Shift Your Employees Focus

When employees get ‘stuck’ in one of the five levels of focus, a keynote speaker can help re-focus your team. Experts in the field of corporate team dynamics have discovered that employees tend to become stuck in one of five levels of ‘focus.’

  • Drama Focus These employees are reactionary and tend to spend all of their time putting out fires.
  • Problem Focus These employees are stuck in ‘fear’ of potential liability, the problems associated with a new concept, or the reasons “it won’t work.”
  • Detail Focus These employees get bogged down in minutia and can’t move forward.
  • Planning Focus These employees love to plan and have meeting, and revise plans, and have more meetings, but have difficulty moving forward to implement the plan.
  • Vision Focus These employees see only the big picture, and can’t or won’t help with the day to day, or short term projects to see the big project through to completion.

A professional keynote speaker has the ability to re-focus your company or corporate team. A trained keynote speaker can help all employees, no matter what level of focus, they are exhibiting in the workplace; shift their focus to align with the corporate perspective. A skilled keynote speaker can outline the plan of attack, and the means for moving the team forward.

Do your ‘drama focused’ and ‘detail’ employees need to see the big picture? Do your ‘problem focused’ employees need to be reassured that the plan will work? Do your ‘planning focus’ employees need to see how to implement the plan? Do your ‘vision focused’ employees need a list of action steps to carry out the plan over time? A skilled keynote speaker can address the fears, concerns, and reluctance of your corporate team and help them shift their focus so that they can begin to work effectively.