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How a Guest Speaker Can Set the Stage to Recognize Your Employees’ Achievements

A talented guest speaker can set the tone and deliver the message to honor your rising stars, and encourage those employees who are out of the spotlight. And the winner is…. I love awards shows. So you guessed it, I have seen a lot of them lately ‘cause tis the season for awards shows, whether it is the Tony’s, the Oscars, the Grammy’s or my personal favorite, the MTV awards. I love the suspense and the pageantry, but most of all I love the recognition.

Everyone loves to be recognized for a job well done. I think all businesses should host a corporate awards event every year, so that the successes and achievements of the company can be applauded. Inviting a professional guest speaker to your event is the best way to honor your rising stars.

How can a guest speaker help you recognize the accomplishments of your team?

  • Sometimes I have been asked to serve as the emcee for an awards banquet.
  • Other times I am asked to present awards for your high achievers.
  • Other times I am called upon to deliver a motivational or inspirational speech to congratulate the winners.
  • Sometimes the most valuable contribution I can make to your company is to encourage the non-winners to set new goals and dream bigger for the upcoming year.

Regardless of the format for your event, a professional guest speaker can help you accomplish the two goals you have for the event…letting your employees know that their loyalty and service are not being overlooked, and that producing and delivering results will be rewarded. It’s crucial to the lifeblood of your organization for an outsider, a guest speaker, with proven expertise in the business world, to give a ‘stamp of approval’ to the work being done by the persons in your organization, who deserve recognition.