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How a Great Keynote Speaker Will Score at Your Event

A keynote speaker will set the tone for your corporate event, dinner, or conference. Me..Me…Me…Meeee…huh hmm. Excuse me while I clear my throat! I have to practice my notes and tune up my voice, because I have an exciting upcoming gig as a keynote speaker. Have you ever been asked to be a keynote speaker? I have. And I love every opportunity I get. Do you know why?

First of all, just the history behind the phrase, ‘keynote speaker’ is intriguing. The phrase originally became popular in a cappella music. Before a barbershop quartet would perform, one of the guys in the group would pull a pitch pipe out of his pocket, and blow a note in to it. The note he played determined the key in which the song was performed. They called it the keynote.

Today, the phrase ‘keynote speaker’ has evolved out of the musical reference. A keynote speaker in a corporate or business setting sets the underlying tone for the entire event. The keynote speaker delivers the message of the underlying theme for the conference, or the evening.

A great keynote speaker will:

  • Set the framework for your event
  • Educate listeners with memorable illustrations
  • Entertain the crowd with humor
  • Motivate your team, business or organization to move forward
  • Inspire your audience to dare to do great things, and to achieve more than they ever have in the past

A talented keynote speaker will score for you at your event in a big way, so it’s important to select a trained professional. Me…me…me…me…pick me…me…me! I’ve got the talent to be your company voice and to deliver your message in the right key. I’m just one call away at 1-888-SPEAKER. Let me set the right tone for you.