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Hire a Motivational Speaker to Help You Win the Race

Using a motivational speaker can help you keep your competitive edge and your business on course. Attending a cycling race can be an exhilarating experience! The cyclists line up in a vivid rainbow of team jerseys. The gun fires…and they’re OFF! At the beginning, the cyclists are all clustered together; a few riders quickly pull out in front.

As the race progresses, the riders slow at various check points, to grab a cup of refreshing water offered by a course worker. The riders reduce their speed long enough to take a quick gulp, or pour the water on their head to cool down, and then pick up speed again. Spectators greet the riders along the course with the ringing of cow bells. The excitement and encouragement of the crowd spurs the racers along, giving them a new burst of energy.

Maybe it’s because I’m an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker that I see obvious comparisons between a well run cycling race and keeping your small business on course. The cyclists represent the multitude of small businesses, which start the race to win big. Some businesses immediately pull away from the pack, others begin to lag behind. The ones which consistently win the race have two things in common:

  • they ride as a team, with a savvy race strategy in place
  • they see the benefit of getting refreshment and renewed energy along the course

Let’s talk about refreshing and reinvigorating your team, yourself, and your business. Running a small business can be grueling. The entrepreneurs who win know to bring in an outsider from time to time to energize their team. Just like the cyclists in the race who are encouraged and renewed by the water and the crowds, your small business can benefit from a motivational speaker, who can come alongside your team to energize them and refresh them with uplifting comments, insights, and illustrations. No matter where you find yourself in the race, your company will benefit from the skills of a motivational speaker.