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Hire a Motivational Speaker: It’s a Kick in the Grass!

A professional motivational speaker will have the same effect on your corporate players as watching a soccer final…it’s a kick in the grass! Okay, tell me you watched it! Man, what a final! The United States women’s soccer team in a championship game against Japan. I take my shirt off to you, women, for your tremendous effort. Of course, my favorite game…was the one against Brazil…what a nail biter!

I tell you. I’ve been a soccer fan since before soccer was cool. Maybe you will recall the Tampa Bay Rowdies. They were one of the first United States professional soccer teams based out of Florida. I used to love to watch this team play. There were two things about this soccer team which appealed to me. First, they had a great slogan and a jingle sung by a bunch of guys, who sounded like they were sitting around in a pub.

Second, I loved to watch how this team worked together. It’s the same with the American women’s team. They are a group of highly skilled, trained, and talented athletes, who never give up. They are willing to run, dive, kick, do headers, whatever it takes to win! They are awesome!

If only we could harvest some of this energy in our corporate workplaces. Well, you know what? You can. It’s all about drive and motivation. Whether the person is a talented soccer player or an employee who works for you in HR, IT, or mid level management, they all have something which drives them and motivates them to be great. The key is to find that ‘something.’ Let’s face it, the average corporate leader may be so busy visioning and setting corporate goals, that they haven’t taken the time to ask the all important questions, “What motivates my team?” Tapping into what drives and motivates your employees to work like a successful soccer team is the end benefit of hiring a motivational speaker.