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Guess Who’s Coming to the Dinner…an Outrageously Relevant and Irreverent Guest Speaker!

Get the buzz started around the water cooler about your upcoming business dinner. Hire a professional guest speaker. So do you know what gives me indigestion? A b-o-r-i-n-g guest speaker. There are tons of guys and gals out there who claim to be guest speakers. Well, good for them…I’ve heard my share of them and they’re dull. If you sat them in a corner by themselves, they’d spontaneously combust and burst into flames, they’re so uninteresting.

So what’s the cure for this dilemma? Hire an outrageously relevant and irreverent guest speaker. Here’s what I suggest:

Hire an outrageously relevant guest speaker. One who’s:

  • An expert in the business world, who can speak from real life experience
  • A professional, who has a successful track record in business
  • A ‘been there, done that’ speaker, who can send a message your employees will relate to
  • A motivator who will tell ‘it like it is’ using no nonsense, practical tips and advice, spoken by someone, who has their finger on the pulse of the business marketplace, not some windbag who couldn’t run a business if they tried

Hire an outrageously irreverent guest speaker. One who’s:

  • Got a tool belt full of funny stories and illustrations
  • Got a great sense of humor, who can laugh with the audience and laugh at themselves
  • Got an engaging style and a fun-loving ability to share a corporate message in an entertaining memorable way

So, get ‘em guessing, who’s coming to the dinner? I’m a phone call away at 1-888-SPEAKER.