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Google TV Names Jennifer Nicole Lee First Ever Celebrity Fitness Presenter on Traiin.tv, Where Fitness Meets Gaming

New York City, New York (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

Jennifer Nicole Lee is not actually a conventional ?trainer?, by the typical standards of coaching on individual by the hour. She is international fitness celebrity, getting well-known for what she loves to do most, which is working out. When asked if she is a trainer, she responds confidently ?No, I?m an international fitness celebrity, with tons of media content which you can either download, acquire or obtain which then you can train with me. I do personal one on one coaching and private Master VIP Training, but the rate is $ 500 an hour, or much more. And I?m so busy, that I am scaling down on the live personal training to focus on my mainstream viral video content.? JNL has columns of accolades, and has graced over 45 different key magazine covers, in over 110 distinct countries about the globe, consequently its no mystery she has a global appeal that many major businesses and innovative projects are banking on.

Speaking of major key media video content material, JNL was just named the very first ever ?Fitness Celebrity Trainer? by Google Television. JNL was contacted by the team members of Google Tv to be the very first fit personality to be featured on their new innovative internet site, which infuses fitness workouts with social gaming.

So why did Google Tv?s team select JNL out of so many trainers to be the name, face and brand to launch Google Television and also http://www.Traiin.television ? Properly the answer lies in her ingenious marketing and branding capabilities. JNL is the epitome of a little handful of fitness pros who have turned into internationally recognized celebrity trainers, who are now full blown professionals, who have agents, managers, publicists, a number of net engineers, and who also pride themselves on their own social-networking genius.

So what is the ?it factor? to being a celebrity trainer? JNL answers back boldy ?1 word: Branding. One should understand their niche industry and then market to them unceasingly, and be accurate to their fitness pals and followers. I love working for my fan base and clients about the world, as changing their lives is so rewarding. I could either train 1 person at a time, or motivate the masses via technology. I prefer the later for the enormous impact. I?m proud to be now a part of history with getting the premiere personality on Google Television and http://www.Traiin.television, becoming able now to touch over 500 million people at as soon as due to digital content and apps.?

JNL is quite touched by becoming the 1st ever wellness personality to be featured on Traiin.television, and is the 1st ?fitness gaming? platform ever launched. Designed in partnership with Google, Inc., the platform will be offered as a each the ultimate fitness resource for users to celebrity fitness presenters.

Through Google Ad Platforms, Traiin.television will partner with key brands to enable users to redeem their rewards for fitness associated goods and services, allowing these brands to engage with users in a deeply psychological way, rewarding them for meeting their fitness goals. JNL?s global brand fits appropriate into this, as her mission statement is ?to enhance the high quality of your life-style?, and with her new fitness instructional platform here with Google Tv and http://www.Traiin.tv, JNL will be able to touch millions by means of this technologies.

To see JNL?s own Google Television Channel, search under ?Jennifer Nicole Lee? on any Google Tv. To visit JNL online, where fitness meets gaming, check out http://www.Traiin.tv


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