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Get It or Get Left Behind: It’s 1-800-AWESOME!

I know what you’ve been waiting for…..and you’ve gotta guess what it is?

  • NO; it’s not the Super Bowl
  • NO; it’s not the latest installment of the Kardashians
  • NO; it’s not the latest Republican presidential candidate hopeful scandal…

    It's 1-800-AWESOME! I’ve been preaching the ‘good news’ to entrepreneurs, like yourselves, on this blog and my website for awhile now and…drum roll please…it’s finally published, and it’s finally here! My book, 1-800-AWESOME!, and it’s just what you’ve been waiting for to help you succeed in business.

If you’ve been hanging on my every word, and wanting to know more, if you’ve been thinking to yourself, these blogs are so great, it would be AWESOME if Chris would consolidate all of his straightforward information into one source…your wish is my command! In 1-800-AWESOME: Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour, I cut through all of the BS and give you the no nonsense, to the point information you need to be AWESOME!

For those of you who are established entrepreneurs, I teach you how to ‘do what I do’ in order to make $10,000 an hour. Why should you work harder and not smarter? Why shouldn’t one of your goals be to leverage your work to allow yourself more free time? Why can’t you change your environment so that you will be more creative, productive, and happy?

In 1-800-AWESOME, I am your personal business coach. I give you insider tips to help you grow your business. I walk with you step by step and teach you how to become an effective leader. I give you tried and true methods for enjoying life so that you will not be consumed by your business.

Still not convinced or you want to know more? Check out my live webinar going on tomorrow, Tuesday, December 6th at 12 noon (PST). I'm giving away FREE copies of my book for the first people who sign up...and you still have time! But that's not all I'm giving away, I'm giving away MBB Training Courses just for YOU.

So, what are you waiting for? Sure, you can maintain the status quo and have a miserable life, doing what you’ve always done, while expecting different results…or you can get a copy of 1-800-AWESOME! and take the first step toward a happy, healthy, business future. I look forward to working with you through the chapters of my book. It’s AWESOME!