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Get a NASA Astronaut to speak at your Event & Follow them on Twitter

Get a NASA Astronaut to speak at your Event & Follow them on Twitter

NASA Astronauts, in addition to their principal occupations of training for and performing essential space missions, are also known as upon by the organization to help reach out to the public with public relations efforts. In reality, NASA’s web site even has a page that lets you request an astronaut for your event. According to the details supplied by NASA, requests to have an astronaut speak at events such as high schools, universities, companies and company associations, military organizations, and community organizations will be given very first priority.

Even if your group fits inside 1 of these categories, there are only so several astronauts to go around and they are usually kept pretty busy with training and other official duties. However, therefore a lot of requests to have a NASA astronaut attend your function ought to be denied even if the cause is great. NASA policy also prohibits astronauts from attending any and all fund-raising events in their official capacity as well.

In order to get an astronaut to speak at your event, you have to follow the correct procedures which are as follows:

1st submit your request in writing to:

Astronaut Appearances Workplace
Mail Code CB
NASA Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058-3696

Or by fax to:

Astronaut Appearances Workplace

The request must be submitted no sooner than six months prior to the event, and no later than 6 weeks prior to the event if it is local to the Houston, TX location, 8 weeks prior to the event if it is inside the continental United States, and 10 weeks just before the event if it is outside of the continental United States.

NASA’s web site lists the following pieces of details as mandatory if your request is to be considered:

a) Date and time of look

b) Location (city, state, and country)

c) Approximate number of individuals expected to attend the event

d) Name and a brief summary of the program or event

e) Description of astronaut’s proposed role at the event. Examples incorporate presentation, keynote speaker, or autographs

f) Description of publicity plans, specifically those that encourage media coverage of the event

g) Statement indicating if the sponsoring organization is willing to accept any astronaut if the specific astronauts requested are not obtainable

h) Statement indicating whether the request is from a profit or nonprofit organization

i) Name, address, telephone quantity, fax quantity, and email address of contact individual

j) Statement indicating if the sponsoring organization has a NASA Contract, Grant, or Space Act Agreement

k) If so, indicate if funding from these sources will be utilized to pay expenses for the appearance

l) Statement indicating that the sponsoring organization assumes responsibility for all expenses associated with an look

The expenses for the look consist of round trip airfare from Houston,TX, ground transportation to and from the event, all meals, and accommodations.

For a lot more info about astronaut appearances  e-mail jsc-astroapp@mail.nasa.gov or call 281-244-8866.

If you would like to be able to hear from and follow the astronauts during the course of their training and even for the duration of missions, several of them have Twitter accounts which they use frequently. Here is a partial list of the official Twitter accounts of some of NASA’s astronauts:

@NASA @Astro_Jose (Jose Hernandez usually Tweets in Spanish.) @astro_mike (Mike Massimino has over a million followers.) @astro_nicole (Nicole Stott) @astro_jeff (Jeff Williams) @shuttleCDRkelly (Mark Kelly) @stationCDRkelly (Scott Kelly) @astro_sandy (Sandy Magnus) @astro_tim  (Col. Tim Kopra) @astro_127 (Mark Polansky)





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