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Generate an Air of Excitement with a Motivational Speaker

How to get your team energized and excited about your upcoming event featuring a dynamic motivational speaker. So do you have kids in your life? Have you watched how they get excited about things? How they get energized when they talk about upcoming events? This time of year, kids get excited about being out of school for the summer and summer vacations. This year in particular, kids are eagerly anticipating the release of the last Harry Potter movie in the series.

When kids get excited about something; what do they do?

  • Their energy level goes up.
  • They talk about the event using excited language.
  • They visualize themselves participating in the event.
  • They have a contagious effect on everyone around them.
  • Their behavior improves…because they don’t want to miss out on the upcoming event.

The same is true of your employees, when you announce that a motivational speaker is coming to work with your team. Your employees, after all, are just big kids. They want to get excited about their work, just like kids get excited over summer events. So look at my ‘kid list’ above…don’t you want your team’s energy level to go up? Don’t you want them excited and visualizing how they can have a positive interaction with a visiting motivational speaker? Don’t you want your team to be eager with anticipation over this special event, and to work extra hard to ‘be ready’ to be included in this event?

The best way to get this result is to take definite steps to build an air of excitement around the appearance of your motivational speaker. So, how is this accomplished?

  • Select the ‘right’ motivational speaker for your company, someone who is engaging and fun, while being content driven.
  • Advertise your event and the name of your motivational speaker as far in advance as possible.
  • Send out e-mail and other publicity pieces about your motivational speaker to your employees to generate interest.
  • Build excitement around your event by having a give-away or other corporate perks associated with the event. Or, make your event exclusive, so that employees will compete for the chance to participate in the event, or a special side event with the motivational speaker.

So, check out my bio and see if I am the ‘man for the job,’ the engaging, motivational speaker your team can get energized over. In the meantime, I am counting down the days until the release of the Harry Potter movie…that’s right; I’ll be there…popcorn?