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General Electrics: Management And Leadership - Mgt 330 Week 5 Management And Leadership Paper

General Electrics: Management And Leadership - Mgt 330 Week five Management And Leadership Paper

                                 General Electrics: Management and Leadership

            Common Electrics is a productive internationally-operating organization acclaimed not only as the most admired company but also the most respected organization in the world (Grant, 2005). The global popularity of the company pushed the company up as 1 of the leading multi billion dollars organization producing and supplying highly recognized lines of product brands throughout the world. The good results of the company has been attributed to its capability to cultivate effective and wholesome organizational by means of powerful management and leadership. 

The productive operations of any organization like Common demand management and leadership which play as key determinants in the success or failure of the company. The method of management include four functions which include planning, organizing, leading and controlling applying distinct techniques to accomplish the organizational objective or objectives. The General Electrics has been known for its efficiency in maintaining an successful organizational structure lined up with the very best people contributing to the good results of the firm. The organization has been bound with a solid foundation of management and leadership determined to develop methods in the practices of the human resources practices contributing to accomplish one of the firm priorities to set high quality and satisfactory normal consumer services.

General Electrics has been effective in its strategic efforts in keeping an updated organizational structure attributed as a significant contributor in the achievement attained by the organization. As a globally-operating giant business, the overall manage of the General Electrics is on the palms of the Corporate Executive Officer (CEO) with lines of effective corporate staffing working hand in hand in the management of the organized segments of the company. The management of the business has been recognized for its efficiency given that the commencement of the operation but the successful management of the company  was created as 1 of the ideal with the leadership initiative of  Jack Welch who took the office as the CEO in 1981-2002 (Grant, 2005). The company management just before Welch could have been profitable but Welch recognized the poor structure stuck with the classic style based on a rigid hierarchy. The altering company environment extremely perceived by Jack led him to take initiative in changing the organizational bureaucratic management into a style he believed would be competitively compelling with the revolutionary rapidly progression and increasingly customer-focused environments cultivated as the new trends in company operations.

Welch was not only instrumental in restructuring the organizational management but the leadership style initiated was a considerable contributor in the phenomenal good results of the organization. Welch contributed in the improvement of the style of motivating, directing and guiding the folks involved in the organizational operations. Leadership has excellent significance in managerial practice and that has been highly emphasized in General Electrics. Theoretically efficient leaders are recognized to be individuals with great capabilities in supporting, motivating, and influencing the employees of the organization towards achieving the high objectives set by the organization.

Considering that the General Electrics was under the leadership of Welch, the company realized the potentials of its workers as the organizational competitive weapons. The idea has given that then adapted the concept of the benefits of cultivating an organization with individuals with diverse information, skills, suggestions, and talents (Grant, 2005). With Jack Welch’s leadership, the General Electrics went via key restructuring and reorganization which led to the phasing out of the multi-layered management as nicely as the several positions in the administration. The restructuring and reorganization also disbanded the traditional sectors which were replaced by designating leaders in the organization companies.

The changes that have given that adapted by the company consist of modification of leadership functions. The hierarchical application of the reporting technique was phased out as the leaders were empowered to report directly to the business CEO. The expansion of the intensity of the CEO duties and responsibilities led to the creation of Corporate Executive Council as an addition to the organization which allowed the organization to generate a forum for the organizational leaders such as the chiefs and the senior officers of the business. Given that then, the organization has followed a thinly layered leadership style incapacitating the operating units to turn into major participants in the choice-generating in the organizational operations (Grant, 2005). The business since then has been operating with moderated number of upper levels employees particularly in the sectoral administration and the corporate headquarters.

Generally, Common Electrics has been maintaining the applicability of the ideals to execute leadership in the firm in an powerful way of influencing or utilizing energy to draw the ideal out of the business leaders and all staff through application of practices and standards based on values and principles which the company believes will led the company to sustain its position as one of the best firm.

Common Electrics has been focussed on cultivating leaders and managers with capabilities to support, influence and motivate all its employees by setting excellent examples and establishing open communication encouraging the workers to be actively involved in the choice- making processes in the organization. The business believes that the significance given to the employees is not only a excellent motivator but plays substantial roles in boosting the morale of every single staff of the organization. The firm leadership has also placed high emphasis on dealing with the business vision and sustaining the accomplishment of the organization mission successfully. Common Electrics has not missed on appointing well experienced and good leaders based on the adapted concept that such type of leaders will be instrumental in helping the members of the organization to collect their energies towards accomplishment of frequent organizational goals (McKenna, 2000).

            The business has been keen in appointing extremely refined managers fully manager equipped to run the globally-operating firm companies. The restructuring of the enterprise structure initiated by Welch was considering that then followed by his predecessors with abilities to seize strategic opportunities with managerial abilities in operating decentralized organizations. Because General Electrics has entered to a global-level sphere of company competition, the company has because then cultivating managers completely aware of the global concerns and highly sensitive to diversity problems skilful and competent in building communities and interpersonal relations.

The main key to the success of General Electrics was attributed to its wholesome organizational culture (Grant, 2005). The cultivation of a powerful culture has been attributed to the efficiency of the firm leaders and managers in playing their roles. The leaders and managers of the business have been efficiently contributing their capabilities on cultivating staff to grow and function hand in hand. The strategy has been instrumental in the development of a strong organizational culture which helped General Electrics to climb on leading of the business ladders during its a lot of years of operation. The leaders and managers of he firm have unfailingly meet the needs of the members which greatly contributed in the establishing a solid unity among the organization units operating globally. The unity maintained in the business with the good leadership and management has become 1 of the important assets of the company which has substantially contributed it its productive global operations. The business leaders and managers have been successful in maintaining the very good reputation of General Electrics as highly appealing organization worth working with. The excellent impression drawn by the company has contributed to effortless discovering of workers that has been helping the firm to realize its vision to preserve a organization running with never ending creation of innovative concepts that would be brought altogether to life (Grant, 2005). So far, the managers and leaders of Common Electrics have demonstrated wonderful achievement in developing a firm culture far diverse from any ordinary organizational culture. The high efficiency culture maintained by the business has never ever failed to aim for maintaining a company with superior good quality ideal demonstrated by the financial stability of the organization all through its operation for a lot of decades (Grant, 2005). The progressive growth of the profitability of the business has been witnessed globally via monitoring of the records of the business all through the phases of the cycle of its economy. The phenomenal success of the company gaining the credits for sustaining triple ratings for forty four consecutive company years (Grant, 2005) have been in way attributed to the powerful culture of the firm as a net outcome of effective roles played by the organization leaders and managers.

The entrance of the firm in globalization has led to initiatives of establishing trends in management which helped in efficient operation across borders without having affecting the strong culture of the business. Just like any other global organizations, Common Electrics also faced challenges in management of the business operations and its men and women in different countries. However, with the initiatives of the organization leaders and managers, GE became profitable in managing its global operations and its folks united to work together effectively to attain the organizational objectives. The structure of boundarylessness popularized by GE has been attributed as the important contributor in the global success of the organization (Falk, 2001). Boundarylessness entails phasing out of the standard boundaries drawn by multi-layered management trafficking the details flow inside the organization (Falk, 2001). With the initiation of Jack Welch, the numerous boundaries in the organization have been phased out which created the General Electrics to operate considering that then with application of boundarylessness. The structure facilitated the development of the organization as more responsive and flexible in valuing all the firm shareholders as a priority greater than the accounting profits of the firm. The boundarylessness of the firm strengthened the partnership with its trusted partners whilst the firm and the clients come in unity with their views on the needs which pushed GE to be much more persistent in supplying satisfaction of all its customers. With boundarylessness, the organization phased out the demarcation distinguishing the domestic and foreign operations. The globalization of the organization lead to taking efforts to strengthen unity and team function of all the organizational individuals working in distinct global units of the business where group labels like management, hourly, and salaried were ignored as a method of getting the men and women across borders to all function together in unity (Grant, 2005).

The expansion of the scope of operation of the firm has led the employment of international individuals. With the growing diversity of its folks, GE learned to efficiently manage the business resources by integration of the activities in its accomplishment of the global advantages. The company imposed prohibition of discrimination inside the organization exactly where every single member is valued as an asset of the firm (Bateman &amp Snell, 2007). The business has also designated leaders to assist in its globalization method attending on the international concerns and concerns with potentials to affect the global operation of the firm.

Common Electrics typically have been productive in sustaining a wholesome organizational culture bound to good leadership and management. With the current position of the organization the successful operation of the business will continue to excel in providing satisfaction on the needs of the people. Technologies has been highly ruling the company and that can be proposed as the important player that will aid GE to maintain its reputation throughout the coming years of the time.


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