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Gathered in the publishing industry Bard "Book Feast" Longjiang do read the wind blowing

Gathered in the publishing market Bard "Book Feast" Longjiang do read the wind blowing

Write-up by Lulubuzhidao

Books are the ladder of human progress. As the 21th book in the Harbin Fair grand opening, a spectacular feast of books in the city of ice curtain.

Everybody to check out the "Book Notes" Book Fair Considering that its opening, the Pavilion Book Fair crowd moving save, reading becomes a spirit of enjoyment. Publishing much more than 500 kinds of books to carry much more than 30 fantastic debut, the former Showcase assortment of books, more than a Longjiang readers. Each books OTC, or a classic old books reprinted, have won the readers in general. Generally favored in all kinds of paper books, even though new sorts of electronic books by turns-to-industry, continue to impact the reader's eye. Reading enriches the children's childhood. Pavilion in Zhejiang, toting bags of hop posters exceptionally prominent Ma, "Ma small jump" Travels Around the series so that the young children put it down. Read as a kind of old folks living habits. Liaoning Typical University Press in front of the booth, 80-year-old Wang Mei careful readers to buy the "palm and disease," "the exclusive traditional Chinese medicine therapy" two health books. Books that power. "

I like reading books like the natural usage, can increase their expertise, but also broaden their horizons. As usual there is no chance to see so numerous books, so we should concentrate all the time in reading, to read far more to read more." Ming water cluster of children with disabilities the county party snow enjoy of reading, in Heilongjiang Publishing Group with the assist of a particular trip to the book expo. Exposure to books, the ocean, a little square of snow was fascinated by books, choose up a popular science books, and read it with no searching up. Authors and readers interact in different types, for the book Fair brings vigor and vitality. Book Fair in the various galleries, publishing houses outstanding works on display, organize a field signings to attract the reader's eye. Yu, Wang Yuewen, Chi Zijian, and other well-known writers to bring new function signings, attracted countless readers to wait in line. To appeal to different audiences, and many publishers have played a particular cards. Sichuan Pavilion as one of the highlights, "