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Gambling Expert Paul Bovi Comments on Betting Super Bowl XLV Proposition Wagers

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 4, 2011

The days in which the betting action was confined to strictly the point-spread and more than/under are now a distant memory. Today the proliferation of proposition alternatives has turned the Super Bowl into a gamblers' dream with enough options to give even 1 of Charlie Sheen’s black books a run for the money.

'Prop' bets originated in the early 1980's as a whim and now provide an expansive wagering menu which ties in to individual players, team performance, and specific events that occur inside the game, or in the case of the coin toss or duration of the national anthem, ones quickly preceding it. Variations of the point spread and total are also offered.

For example, while the Packers have settled in as a 2.5 point preferred, a bettor that anticipates a Green Bay blowout could decide on to lay more points in exchange for greater odds. A Packer backer would be rewarded with a payoff of five to 1 if he or she were right in their prediction that Green Bay would prevail by far more than 14 points.

In recent years, prop wagers have taken on such a creative flavor, that they now link other sporting events taking location in and about the Super Bowl to players, stats, and events in the huge game itself.

The Hilton capabilities more than 50 different wagers involving individual players and/or team efficiency of this years’ participants tied into other sporting events such as 3 of the 4 NBA Contests, 3 NHL Games, a pair of European Soccer matches, college basketball, as nicely as the Phoenix Open and Qatar Masters Golf Tournaments all of which take location that quite very same day.

As an example, fans of Notre Dame hoops can get their day off to an early start by wagering that the Irish’ point total in their game against Rutgers will exceed Pittsburgh receiver Mike Wallace’ yardage total by much more than 7 and a half. Fans of the NBA might be enticed by any number of props such as LeBron James’ point and assist total combined up against the distance of the first profitable field aim. The Heat are matched up against the Clippers Sunday in a game that is likely to conclude about four hours prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV.

Other sports books also feature their own renditions of creativity when it comes to prop wagering. The Venetian is providing ‘Throw Back Props’, which takes the efficiency of this Sundays quarterbacks and puts them up against the opposing teams signal callers of yesteryear.

One such wager has existing Packer QB Aaron Rodgers final passing yardage versus that of Terry Bradshaw’s total of 318 back in Super Bowl 13, a 35 to 31 Steelers’ victory over the Cowboys, which at the time was their 3 rd NFL Championship. 1 would have to spot Rodgers 42.5 yards if he or she were to back Bradshaw whilst a supporter of Rodgers could see him come up brief by that number or less and nonetheless money a winning ticket.

As props differ from venue to venue, and are usually occasions designed by innovative managers striving to set their book apart from the competition, the number of props that are available has grown every year, nowadays exceeding 500 in number when accounting for Nevada and offshore outlets.

This year, sports books are reporting that prop betting has increased as a percentage of the total handle which is likely due to the competitive nature of this game resulting in some indecision on the portion of bettors.

As of Tuesday evening, Harrahs’ properties, which includes Caesars Palace, Ballys, Planet Hollywood and Paris amongst others, are virtually split on side action as bettors are undecided when it comes to a clear cut winner. One has to look back Super Bowl 16 nearly 30 years ago, when Joe Montana and the 49ers held off the Bengals by a score of 26 to 21, to discover a point spread that closed at much less than a field objective at the time of kickoff which this Sunday’s game is poised to do.

The sheer size of the prop menu will create betting opportunities, as the much more choices that the lines makers make obtainable, the a lot more prone he is to an oversight or miscalculation.

A classic example of that occurred in Super Bowl XXXVI as an 'over/under' prop for then Rams receiver Ricky Proehl, opened at 14.five yards, which was inexplicably low based on the numbers which he compiled in the course of the normal season.

Proehl played in all 16 normal season games that season and rang up 563 yards, an average of some 35 per contest and far more than twice what the 'over/under' opened. Gradually the yardage moved up, ultimately closing at 16